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Propos of Lady Chatterley's Lover, Being an Essay Extended fr... by D.H. Lawrence
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Sep 10, 2011

really liked it
Read in July, 2011

The frustration of an unfulfilled woman is one of the great catalysts for exploration. While such emotions don't necessarily involve seeking infidelity, in Lady Chatterley they have no other outlet, especially when her partner refuses to see her need for more.
Such a search ends in a torrent which I once thought only existed in the delicious wanderings of my own imagination: in the rain, outside a cabin...
"She was nearly at the wide riding when he came up and flung his naked arm round her soft, naked-wet middle. She gave a shriek and straightened herself, and the heap of her soft, chill flesh came up against his body. He pressed it all up against him, madly, the heap of soft, chilled female flesh that became quickly warm as flame, in contact. The rain streamed on them till they smoked."
I was surprised at how well Lawrence wrote about the female orgasm, and the politics of sex: who comes when, where, and how, has a timeless place between the sheets of lovers.
I was also surprised at the ending. It was a relief that Lawrence did not fall into the 'happily ever after' monologue, though this may be appropriate, since such a misleading monologue tends to occur only with narratives which end in marriage (for anyone who cares, I'd like to add that the narrative NEVER ends with marriage. Stories which end here are easy-sexist monologues which cut the dimensions of female life short- curtly, at the 'she's now been fucked' category.)
Haven't read it yet? You'd like hints for the scenes worth looking forward too? Sure- there's the male conversations which Connie is present for, but not wanted to partake in (a delight in view of the circumstance), and the contrasts between her first lover, Michaelis, and Mr. Mellors are wonderful- especially in note of crisis. I would have liked to see a bit more than just an acknowledgement of class consciousness, but the novel was long enough, and one can't have everything.
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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Burton-Rose I found class to be in the foreground, along with unexpected but welcome tirades against the industrial degradation of the countryside.

Meghan Fidler I liked the class commentary too, and the tirades, but I did feel like that was shuffled under 'female character development' in a way which lets many readers remain unconfronted with the issues it poses. Perhaps this is the best way to bring class to the foreground? I bet you could write a review and it would look very different! ^.^

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