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See No Evil by Diane Young
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Apr 21, 2008

did not like it

English 425 Submitter’s name __Kelly Boehm____
Book Bank Book Bank subject: Reluctant Reader
Reference information:
Title: See No Evil
Author: Diane Young
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers Year: 2006
# of pages: 103 Genre: Fiction
Reading level 2.2 Interest level: Middle School
Potential hot lava:

General response/reaction:
This book was probably my least favorite that I have read so far. I can see though how it is used for people who cannot read well, because it is an easy read and the sentences are very short. I could not see myself teaching this book to the whole class, but I would definitely allow on of my reluctant reader students to read this book or another orca book instead.

Subjects, Themes, and Big Ideas:
Single parent home, Growing up to fast, Doing the right thing, trusting the police, friendship, puppy love

Shawn – The main character in this book. He takes care of his little brother a lot and because of that he is expected to grow up fast.
Ethan – Shawn’s little brother who is always glued to the TV and sometimes bratty, but he is just a kid so he’ll grow out of being a brat
Daniel – Shawn’s best friend who ends up getting beat up by gang members.
Damien Sykes – head guy of a gain who Shawn and Daniel witnessed them beating up someone.
Father – Works a lot and for that he puts a lot of responsibility on Shawn. He is a good father though but is just struggling supporting his family.
Maya – A new girl at school that is cute and likes Shawn

Plot summary:
The plot of this book is less in-depth then any of the books I have read this semester. Two boys Shawn and Daniel are walking home from school and they go past the mall and in the ally they see graffiti on a wall saying “see no evil” then as they are walking home they cross three guys that are huddled around another guy who is on the floor bleeding. The three gang members look up and see that Daniel and Shawn have witnessed them attacking someone so they chase them, but Daniel and Shawn outrun them to safety. They then go home but this whole situation has them really shook up, because they are scared the gang members may come after them. They fake sick, but then return to school (Shawn returns to school first). Later though Daniel and Shawn decide to meet up and together call the police, and tell them what they have seen. The only problem is Shawn can’t find Daniel where they were supposed to meet at the mall. He searches everywhere for him and then he finds him and sees that two of the gang members are with Daniel. Shawn then goes and gets the mall security and it saves Daniels life though he has to be hospitalized. In the end they tell the authorities the truth and the two gang members are arrested. To Shawn’s relief he doesn’t have to worry about them for now anymore.

Strengths (including reviews and awards):
2008 Sydney Taylor Book Award Winners & Notable Books

Drawbacks or other cautions:

Teaching ideas:

Before: Have the students get into groups and research different gangs and the harms they have caused on society

During: Have a police officer from the community come in and talk to the class about gang violence

After: Each Student should write a paper of a situation they have experienced that best relates to the book; even if it is just being bullied one time.


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