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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
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Apr 23, 2008

it was ok
Recommended for: people who liked *Twilight*,
Read in April, 2008

** spoiler alert ** I loved the premise of this book- and invisible world of faeries that are about as unlike Tinkerbell as you can get. Unfortunately, the dropped plot lines and somewhat flat nature of the supporting characters was disappointing.

The faeries in this story are spiteful, cruel, and yes, wickedly beautiful. Aislin, the star of this urban fantasy, is a junior in high school with the unusual ability to see the faeries no one else can. She has been tortured by this knowledge her entire life and has been taught by her grandmother (a fellow seer) never to acknowledge their presence. Aislin goes about her life trying hard to ignore the atrocities she witnesses and the cruel acts that these barbaric faeries commit. So far, no faery has ever noticed her and she has remained as unknown to the faery world as it is to the humans. That is, until the day the Summer King, Keenan, picks up on a certain "vibe" from Aislin and decides she is "the one."

SPOILER ALERT!!!! While the details of the faery customs, dress, language, and history were well-developed, the author failed to make her human characters as compelling. Besides the relationship between Aislin and her boy-but-just-a-friend Seth, the humans in the story are either boring, do not progress the plot in any way, or are cliched teenagers. Most annoying was the introduction of several seemingly important plot points that went nowhere. Case in point (and here comes the spoiler) the revelation near the end of the book that Aislin's mother was also courted by Keenan. This fact, when first presented during a stressful time when the main characters are working towards a resolution, seems rather important. If nothing else, it would make sense, given her character's history, that Aislin would have *some* kind of reaction to this news. Rather, the characters move on to the next bit of action and by the end of the book, that plot point has been completely abandoned. Did some key dialouge get edited out in the final draft? Who knows. It was this inattention to developmental details of the story like the above that left me scratching my head and wondering what the editor was thinking.

Overall, however, it is a fluid read with a steady pace and enough sexual tension and drama to keep most teens and adults turning the pages. The use of the F-bomb and an oral sex scene make it more suitable to older teens.
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Emily I agree completely about the dropped plot lines. I kept thinking the bit about her mother would be drawn out more - even if the readers didn't get the details, I thought it could mention whether Aislin had or would pursue it. I kept wondering what happened to the grandmother, too.

message 2: by Aqua (new) - rated it 1 star

Aqua Rius at least Twilight had some action. lol.

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