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Deliciously Sinful by Lilli Feisty
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Dec 06, 11

Read on October 17, 2011

Bad boy, big city chef Nick Avalon finds himself out of work after one culinary scandal too many. He needs to take a breather and let the dust settle in Los Angeles so he takes a job in a small hippy town in northern California. It’s just a temporary gig as far as he’s concerned. Just a little something to carry him over until the next big job in LA comes up. Small town, hippy living is not his style.

Phoebe is an organic farmer who has inherited a vegan café. It’s important to her that she carry on this family business but managing both businesses has become too much and so she reluctantly brings in outside help. She’s heard of Nick’s bad boy reputation but believes he is the one for the job and so she hires him, reputation and all. Right away they clash and the sparks fly.

After reading Bound To Please and Dare To Surrender by Lilli Fiesty I really looked forward to another smoking hot love story, packed with emotional depth. While Deliciously Sinful was enjoyable, it didn’t pack the emotional punch I was anticipating.

I like my heroes cocky and self-assured and Nick Avalon pretty much has that covered. He’s sexy, good-looking, famous and can pretty much have any woman he wants. But the problem I had was understanding why he wanted Phoebe. He seemed confused by that too. She is his total opposite. He’s LA shiny and she’s small town organic. Yes, opposites attract and all that but there was just something missing in the romantic chemistry between these two. They butted heads and worked out their frustrations with each other with some really dirty sex, but I found myself questioning their attraction to each other beyond the sexual chemistry.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with some smoking hot sexual chemistry and as I said, Nick and Phoebe have it. They fight and work it out, so-to-speak. Lilli Fiesty writes titillating, erotic sex scenes and she does not hold back in Deliciously Sinful. There is always a little something unexpected and this time it comes in the form an impromptu session in the store room with Nick, Phoebe and a whisk.

Overall this book was middle of the road for me. While the sex scenes were hot, the relationship lacked the emotional depth I expected and so I was not wow’d the way I’d hoped I would be. Still, an enjoyable read, just not the powerful romance I had hoped for.

Favorite Quote:

Smiling, she nodded. “That was…amazing.”

“You still think I’m the most conceited man you’ve ever met?”


He winked. Well, baby. I guess now you know why.”

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