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Dead After Dark by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Sep 24, 11

bookshelves: fantasy-romance, short-stories, sensuous, mythologhy-base, vampire, werewolf-shapeshifter
Read from September 21 to 23, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Shadow of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Katagaria - wolf that can take human form; Arcadian - human that can take wolf form - at war; Arcadians believe they are to exterminate all Katarians. 400 years earlier, a Katagarian male kidnaped and impregnated an Arcadian woman. Vane, Fury, Fang, and Dare were some of her children. Vane and Fang, Katagarian, raised by father; Dare, Arcadian, raised by mother; Fury, Katagarian, raised by mother... and Fury, of course, did not fit in. His only friend was Angelica, who promised to always have his back.

And in thier youth, a family of Katagian's accidently ended up in Aracadian woods. The Arcadians killed them all, the Katagarian's retaliated, and Angelica witnessed the deaths of her parents at their hands; and she feared the Katagarians since, and as an adult, became a hunter of them. She (and most Arcadians) not told of what provoked the Katagarians.

Fury hid being Katagarian as long as he could; but when it came out his brother Dare and Angelica turned on him. He joined his father's pack, though did not tell them who he was - though eventually Vane figured it out.

When at Sanctuary, secretly delivering a message to Aimee from Fang, he finds out that a lion/human group was attacked by the Arcadians, and one was shot with something that took away his humaness - hurting not onlyhim but his wife and children who could not communicate with him anymore. Angelica, Dare, and Oscar show up at Sanctuary, wanting to gage if and how their weapon worked. Fury and the Peltiers stop them. But when Fury leaves, they return, collar Fury (which stops him from using his powers), and take him back to their time and especially Oscar torture him to find out what he knew about the lion. he doesn't give, and Angelica finally rescues him, and he takes his collar off and puts it on her. He takes her to Vane's house... Even though hurt, when Fury realizes that Vane's 'crew' of wolves would terrify her, he flashes in, and takes her to Vane's wife. and bit by bit, she sees that what the Arcadians taught them about Katagarian animilistic behavior is false - that family, truth, and loyalty are their main motivators - and when Fury frees her of the collar, knowing she goes willingly into his arms... And honesty and love between them overcomes their past. and Dare stands up for Angelica's choice, and tentative understanding between them (And the weapons are taken from the Arcadians, though a few are not found).

The Story of Son by J.R. Ward

a bit of Beauty and the Beast - where Beast is a vampire from birth (father was a vampire) and mother locked him in the basement, and brought him a woman once a year to drink from. And this year, the rich woman's lawyer Claire is this year's offering. And Claire/Beauty, wants to rescue Beast - that it is unfair how he is living... and though he erases his memory, when she returns to the house 3 weeks later, she is drawn to the basement, and when she sees him, she remebers him, and she rescues him, changes the will so that he inherits all mom's money, and 8 years later they are happy (with 2 children, plus one on the way).

Beyond the Night by Susan Squires

Vampiress, Freya, 900 years old, a sex trainer of her father's vampires, as controlling sex generates more power. Uses Tantra sex techniques. her sisters died in service, and she runs away, to one of her father's abandoned castles. Drew is of the town, but was a stableboy who fell in love with the master's daughter - was beaten, sentenced for the master's lies about thief, put on a ship to prisonin America, storm, on an island, rescued by pirates, became pirate captian, made a lot of money, trained to be a gentleman, returned 14 years later to claim vengence by winning the daughter's heart again... bought the castle - who is rumored to be haunted by a ghost that takes blood from her victims...

the girl died 13 years earlier in childbirth, he isn't frightened by Freya, he tracks her down the 2nd night, they have fabulous sex - with Freya using tantra techniques in a different way, and with Drew's gentleness.. but Drew is ill with the flu for a week - Freya nurses him, they stand up to her dad together... ahhhh

Midnight Kiss Goodby Dianna Love

confusing mythology of gods, and ancient battles, and current people.

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