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Bunny Days by Tao Nyeu
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Jan 03, 12

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Read on September 08, 2011

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I had to think about this book for a bit. When I first saw it I was immediately captured by the colors and the illustration style and thought it would be a nice compliment to Little White Rabbit. My initial reading of Bunny Days went something like this:

"Oh look at these colors, the bunnies are so cute! Eeee!" (That's my weird happy/excited noise)

"Hrm, we might have to remind classes that you can't really put people or animals in the washing machine. Some of our kids might try it. It's a cute picture… maybe a little disturbing… The clothes line looks uncomfortable and bunnies in the basket look dead. Oh look, they snuggle… it's still disturbing."

"Clever titles and those bunnies look so cute in their burrow. OH MY GOD, ALL OF THE BUNNIES ARE BEING SUCKED OUT OF THEIR HOME!... What is the deal with hanging these guys on clothes lines?"

"The goat has trimming shears, I don't even have to turn the page to know this ends badly. AAAAHHH! HE CUT OFF THEIR TAILS!! THERE ARE SAD LITTLE BUNNIES RUNNING AROUND WITH NO TAILS!" (At this point I'm completely traumatized and quite possibly over caffeinated.)

I really was saying this out loud and I'm pretty sure our new teachers all think I'm insane. I showed Bunny Days to a few teachers who all thought it was hysterical but that it should come with warnings for little ones and might even make some kids cry. The colors and the pictures are wonderful and the episodic stories are pretty cute and filled with visual jokes. Really, if you think about it, it's no more violent then some children's classics.

I don't know, I just can't get past my first reaction. This is out of character for me since I like picture books were people get eaten. I have students who enjoyed this book but I really think this one depends on the audience and how it's interpreted. (And how much caffeine you may have had that morning.)

Um, it's really pretty? Seriously, the illustrations are great and just about everybody who's read the book has enjoyed it. I think this is one for each reader to look at and decide.

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