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Sin Row by Scarlet Blackwell
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Sep 22, 11

bookshelves: cops-detectives-lawmen, dystopia, m-m, threesome
Read in September, 2011

Like Simsala wrote, this was mostly Porn with Plot - a little bit of plot...
In a dystopic future ten years from now, Blake and Ronnie are bent cops in Machon, a city in ruins not far from the Canadian border. Their main task seems to be arresting whores who they then blackmail into giving them sexual favors. So far, so good, until Io comes along, a beautiful rentboy who has a special effect on Blake. Between coaxed blowjobs (even one threesome with Ronnie, Blake and Io)and Io's cruel pimp George, Blake starts to develop a soft spot for Io. While he always thought of whores as pieces of meat before, like everybody else does, Io strikes him as human, as a person he begins to care for. Io, on the other hand, has quite the crush on handsome Blake right from the beginning.
Ronnie has the hots for Blake (and vice versa by the way) but never acted on it so far. When Ronnie notices the sparks flying between Blake and Io, he takes advantage, forcefully fucking Io with Blake watching and consequently unable to abstain from joining, which gives Ronnie the opportunity to have sex with Blake on a halfway consensual basis. With the two of them focusing so much on Io, things escalate,and the fragile equilibrium between the real baddies on Sin Row and the dirty cops tips over, which results in several deaths on both sides. Almost to his own surprise, Blake suddenly finds himself on the run with a badly wounded Io who has turned wanted criminal by accident....

Yes there was dub-con sex, violent sex and general violence in this book, but it also had some of the hottest sex scenes I've read in quite a while, including one steaming threesome. There's no depth to this, the characters are sketchy at best, and the world around them is only hinted at. It felt like 75% sex, some kind of Pretty Woman tale for adults with dicks and police batons instead of locks and pretty dresses. To me, this book rung true with the sheer joy of walking on the edge of total taboo, along with as little plot and as sketchy a worldbuilding it could possibly get away with. It's a good thing this is fantasy, otherwise it might have come out as disgusting - like this, it was actually quite entertaining for what it was.
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Simsala Are you sure? ;-)

message 2: by Lori K (new)

Lori K I am waiting on the edge of my seat for your review! (I removed it from my shelves when I was done)

message 3: by Sagajo (new)

Sagajo Lol, what happened to Scarlet? I loved her series with the crazy cook and food critic.

message 4: by Lori K (new)

Lori K I haven't read those ye. They're good?

message 5: by Lori K (new)

Lori K What did you like about it?

message 6: by Sagajo (new)

Sagajo Lori, the series with the cook/food critic are very crazy funny. Recommended! From Samhain btw.

Feliz Simsala wrote: "Are you sure? ;-)"

no, not at all. I'm in a bit of a bloodthirsty mood right now though...

Simsala Bloodthirsty mood is good...a huge dose Schadenfreude would be conducive too...*g*
You`ve been warned...;-)

Simsala Gina, - the sequel to Sin Row - Sinful - will be released in March,2012...

Simsala Feliz,you`re stubborn...*lolol*

Feliz concrete head, that's me.

Feliz sims, you deceived me!

Simsala ? o.O

Simsala I don`t know!*breaking out in cold sweat*
Bloodthirst not satisfied? Bad boys not bad enough??

message 15: by Td (new) - rated it 4 stars

Td Is Sims at it AGAIN? What kind of havoc have you caused this time????

Simsala *sniffs*

message 17: by Td (new) - rated it 4 stars

Td I'm just kidding, Sims. I don't know what Feliz is blaming you for, but you DID warn her. Twice! Then again, deceived? What does she mean?

Feliz this was porny and violent, yes - but it was also quite sappy.I didn`t expect "cute" - and now I'm still bloodthirsty. *booohooo*

message 19: by Simsala (last edited Sep 22, 2011 11:29PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Simsala Oooooohhhhh....!
Not enough? Still thirsty?
I think now is the time for a very special recommandation.You begged so nicely - how could I resist....

Simsala You already marked it as to read - good!
Have fun!;-)
Bloodraven by P.L. Nunn

message 21: by Feliz (last edited Sep 22, 2011 11:45PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Feliz I'll take you up on this, Sims. It better be good or I'll come haunting you.
Remember Halloween isn't so far ahead!!!

Simsala Do you have read Eden`s review for Bloodraven?
Of course it`s good! - Perhaps not for readers with a weak stomach...;-)

message 23: by Td (new) - rated it 4 stars

Td Bloodthirsty, yikes! I'm surprised you guys didn't recommend Neko...

Simsala Neko`s just plain nasty - I would never recommend it to a friend...
But Bloodraven is a great story - in spite of the cruelty.;-)

Feliz Simsala wrote: "Do you have read Eden`s review for Bloodraven?
Of course it`s good! - Perhaps not for readers with a weak stomach...;-)"

you suggesting I got a weak stomach?

I'm on! Bloodraven it is for the weekend!

Feliz Gina wrote: "And in that same venue, I recommend "That's what brothers do" or "Yakusa Pride.""

Yakuza Pride wasn't bad at all. I'll check out That's what brothers do, thanks.
Anyone what's Neko?

Simsala LMAO
Now that was easy.....*lolol*
(But I never suggested that YOU got a weak stomach...*g*)

Simsala Neko?...eh,nothing....

What have you done,Td? Now she`s curious....

message 29: by Td (new) - rated it 4 stars

Td Oh, crap! That was me trying to be sarcastic. I didn't mean it. I'M SORRY!!! Bloodraven, yeah, stick with Bloodraven.

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