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Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick
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Apr 15, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: oh-the-drama, really-is-this-how-its-going-to-end, whatthewhat, action, zombies
Read from March 29 to April 12, 2012

I've always wanted to read about the beginnings of a dystopian world. How does it change from "normal" to chaos & destruction? Was it an event? Was it the people? What happened?!! There are zombies running loose, okay, I'll buy that, but what happened to the world that made this occur? This book is about that day, the day when it goes from normal to changed. It was a very interesting read because IT FEELS LIKE THIS COULD HAPPEN TO US TOMORROW. There are references to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, so it's not like "something" happened and then, 100 years later this is the world. Not that there's anything wrong with that... I just kind of stumbled upon this book and it was available for loan at the library for my Kindle. YAY!

This is what they say happens--- "...electromagnetic pulse sweeps through the sky and kills most of the world’s population, turning some of those who remain into zombies and giving the others superhuman senses."

Bick, Ilsa J. (2011-09-06)

This is a book, not about "zombies", it's more about a girl just trying to survive, and she has a terminal illness. So, I've read a couple of reviews, and have heard about how you can divide this up and basically judge it as almost two different books. I think I'll take the same approach, the first part is focused mainly one three main characters, Alex (main character,) Ellie, and Tom. At one part of the book, it makes a crazy turn and one of the characters is gone but the author doesn't go in to details too much except to say that she was taken. I thought the first part of the book was fantastic, the characters were well developed, I felt like I was reading about real people. My major concern was the overuse of the word, "honey". As in "you ever get into trouble, honey..." "Ellie, honey," "But here's what's bothering me honey..." I know, I know... of all the things to pick up on, right? But, literally every person in this book uses that term. EVERYONE. Father? Check. Grandfather? Check. A seventeen year old girl? Check A 20 year old soldier? Check. I didn't really buy it w/ everyone saying it, maybe it's a geographical thing?

Without spoiling the book, there's a lot of action, people get seriously injured, there is a lot of mystery. Not everything is very clear, somethings seem a little too far fetched, but it still feels like it could fit in a current setting. The book turns a different direction at another crucial point and Alex stumbles upon a large group of people who are surviving together. There are some very interesting people she meets here and some important relationships are formed. The thing is, it seems so opposite of what the book began as and it's kind of hard to describe.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. But beware. The ending is a cliff-hanger. I suppose on any series there will be endings like this. I will read the next book in the series.

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45.0% "It's not really what I thought it was going to be...but that being said, I'm really liking it, just haven't had a good block of time to read it."
51.0% "Wait. What? Cliffhanger then the next chapter starts: "three days later." huh."
67.0% "Usually, when a whole bunch of new characters are introduced... My head starts spinning... I'm thinking: "wait, can we go back to the characters I cared about?" still, despite me craving more of the first part...there is a lot of mystery and I'm still hanging in there."
100.0% "OMG!! Total cliffy ending! Review will come later. O.O"

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