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Montmorency On The Rocks by Eleanor Updale
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Apr 20, 08

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Read in March, 2008

The first sequel was too more-of-the-same to be as much fun as the first book. I wish it had been edgier. It was edgier than the first, but I wanted more. A quick look at the titles says a lot.

1 - Liar, Thief, Gentleman
2 - Doctor, Aristocrat, Murderer

Comparing good traits - gentleman vs. doctor and aristocrat - there is much more high society in #2, and it was during #2 that I realized exactly how many pages are devoted to description of how clothes are tailored, and how such clothes are received. There's a description of some sort of mechanical opera hat fer cryin' out loud. But as I said, it's not really different, but more of the same.

Bad traits - liar and thief vs. murderer - so we have half as many bad traits, but probably more than twice as bad. Edgier, but not enough. Updale seems really unwilling to put Montmorency in a bad light since his character was founded on gettin' his so to speak. Maybe he's a murderer, and maybe not. But if he is, well, it's someone's (not his) fault for stepping on his Pumas.

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