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Primal Law by J.D. Tyler
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HUGE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This read was overdone and not thought out. Kira, a lab chick, thought something hinky was going down at her job, so she stole some lab samples. While trying to get away she was caught by some goons. She screamed. In comes the Alpha Pack who are having a weekend off in Vegas. Jax, a cripple leg human/wolf hears Kira scream and goes into wolf protective mate mode and saves her, thus inducting her into their club where she is accepted, offered a job rehabilitating broken paranormals, and sexing Jax within 48-72 hours. This authors used ploys of convenience, such as pre-cog, necromancy, and timebending to manipulate the story. A sometimes reader will find this appealing due to all the testosterone and pretty man-colors, but for a seasoned reader like me: the 'I'll accept anything as long as it's paranormal' concept is long over. Just an okay read. Not recommended~
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Ms. Nikki Let's hope the rest of the book is more organized than the prologue where a wolf was shot with silver, rendering him immobile, but still being able to drag a fellow comrade out of a burning building, having his girlfriend appear out of thin air, realize he's been betrayed and then throws her into the fire.

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