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Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead
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Sep 06, 11

bookshelves: fantasy, urban
Read in August, 2011

Fourth in the Georgina Kincaid urban fantasy series revolving around a succubus, Georgina, who is based in Seattle with a job as manager at a bookstore.

The Story
Jerome is so angry with Georgina that he's loaned her out to a rival demon in Vancouver to help quash a cult of Satanists who are making evil look bad. Yeah, who knew??!

Then Georgina loses her powers—she can't shapeshift new clothes, accessories. She even has to do her own hair…and she had no idea it got so dang frizzy! All her friends have lost their powers. Peter and Cory can walk out in daylight. Hugh can't sense people's souls. And no one can find Jerome.

No. One. Can find Jerome. Not even his fellow demons. It can only mean a summoning. By someone powerful enough to take down Jerome. It had to be a human and a demon working together. And there are so many possible suspects.

Caught between concern for Jerome and the sudden realization that her succubus powers will no longer drain life from Seth, Georgina gets a bit crazy trying to do as much of both as possible never realizing the other effect Seth's cheating can have on his soul.

The Characters
Georgina Kincaid is a succubus with a heart…usually. But after her breakup with Seth (Succubus Dreams), Georgina's been taking her anger out on as many decent guys as she can. It's making a huge plus pile for her with Jerome but the minus is making everyone around her nuts. It's so bad that Jerome has insisted that Georgina see a therapist for her broken heart.

Jerome is the archdemon in charge of Seattle and its surroundings, right on up to the Canadian border. Cedric is his counterpart up in Vancouver, BC. Jerome's assistants are Mei and Grace, demons who dress exactly alike. Cedric's assistant is Kristin who is painfully in love with her boss.

Seth is Georgina's favorite author as he writes the Cady and O'Neill series. He's now seeing Maddie, Doug's sister, both employees at the bookstore, Emerald City Books and Café. Worse, Seth likes to write in the bookstore's café.

Georgina's particular coterie of friends includes Hugh (an imp) and Peter and Cody (vampires). Dante is her current boyfriend; it's safe sex with Dante as he hasn't much soul to lose. Roman is a nephilim—half-Immortal, half-human—and Jerome's son. Nephilim are to be killed on sight and yet he's overly eager to help Georgina find his father and free him.

My Take
Oh wow. This was both so incredibly sad and so amazing. And too many people in love with Georgina. So much hurt spreading itself around.

I do rather like Cedric's obsession with dating…

The Cover
Ooh, that's a very knowing and evil look on Georgina's face on this cover as she glances out at us wearing a sleeveless deep red dress with a bicep cuff on her left arm. Odd sort of background. The left side is bricks while the right side is circles of fuzzy reds.

The title, Succubus Heat, has me a bit confused. For most of the book, Georgina has no heat as a succubus although she does get rather heated with Seth.
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