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Mood Matters by John L. Casti
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Mood Matters has an interesting premise, but needs a better treatment than Casti's tome. Events do not cause mood, Casti says, but the other way around. For evidence, he points to indicators of the American mood, primarily stock prices, and shows how those seem to fall right before major events - not after. A couple of problems - his justification for using stock prices is that the people who buy stocks are the most influential on the public mood, and while this MAY be true, he doesn't really offer any evidence. He also states that this book is for the layperson, but it really is a bit too dense for general reading - but a bit less thorough than a scholarly work. It seems to be in some in-between state that makes it rather useless to either. Thin and dense at the same time is not very easy to pull off. I agree with reviewer MrJack that the Appendices should be read before the book proper.

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