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Manic by Terri Cheney
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Sep 07, 11

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OK, I got to chapter 14 out of 17. I just could NOT bring myself to finish this dreck of a book. How much more can I hear about the beautiful, pretty, petite, redheaded, virtually hairless, wonderful, redheaded, rich, refined, redheaded, educated, fantabulous, heroic, redheaded, amazing, terrific, redheaded, wealthy, sympathetic, redheaded Terri Chenney? This wasn't an account of her illness, this was an account of all the nice stuff she has and how pretty she is and how all that, still - to her dismay - did not protect her from being mentally ill. In fact, that's exactly what this "memoir" is about. Cheney trying to tell the reader that no matter how beautiful and well off Cheney is, it still somehow wasn't enough. And no one was more surprised than Cheney. Some of the accounts of her illness are good. They portray the manic and depressive episodes well, BUT she is SO unlikable that I don't care that she's sick. Lots of people are sick, but they don't throw in detailed descriptions of their silk Armani suits, and cashmere dresses that they wear for their suicides. Oh, and her Porsche! Did you know that Terri Cheney drives a Porsche? Because she's mentioned it about 20 times. And she's a natural redhead. Did you know that too? She's pretty proud of it, even though it has NOTHING to do with the story. It's not that she's rich that makes her unlikable, it's that she's beyond vain and it's so annoying to read over and over and over in a place where it's entirely out of context other than to be boastful.
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Megan best review, couldn't agree more!

Stacy Thats how it is though, when your bipolar. Everythings over the top, repetative, all over the place, over exaggerated, unintentionally vain, rude and selfish sounding. For me the book was like cracking my head open and seeing everything down on the floor right in front of me. It gives the public and friends or family who live with someone bipolar, the chance to get inside that persons head for the first time. To me the book is quite accurate. From the non bipolar persons point of view it is all those things ive said above. But from the point of view of the bipolar person, when you've finally found that perfect medication or cocktail that now helps you be "normal" and you finally are able to sit down and look at yourself and accept who you are, who you were, and who you want to be, this book is like seeing yourself through "normal" peoples eyes. You sit there and think " god was i that crazy" or " wow that is how i felt " or the best is realizing that " yeah finally someone else is just like me, i guess im not as crazy as other people say i am" . It is what it is. A hardcore look of the ugly, embarrassing truth of the who you were back when you werent on any medication. Or taking the wrong medication. And in truth, its about what happens when your given the chance to help yourself and choose not to. I could write forever about it, but mainly in my opinion you read it for your own personal reasons and she wrote it for hers. Let her be. Its what helped her during that part of her life. :) hope this helps.

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Beyond her being unlikable I also felt like much of the book was fabricated. The rapist not only returned to the scene of the rape to fix the window that he broke (?) he also contacted the police when she was overdosed. That makes sense, right?

message 4: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Agree with this review. Some of her descriptions of bipolar are accurate, but I don't care what you're wearing when you're gonna commit suicide, I want to know what is going through your mind.

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