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Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner
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Sep 06, 11

Jennifer Weiner has a way with words -- there's no doubt about that. She has an ease with the written word that carries the reader along easily, and is descriptive and funny.


Having a way with words doesn't make for a great book, any more than being a good actress makes a great movie. There's so much more to it.

I fear that JW is a one-note writer, the way Goldie Hawn (to carry on the actress metaphor) is a one-note actress. No matter what movie Goldie is in, she's Goldie. Contrast that to, say, Glenn Close or Meryl Streep, someone who disappears into the role... and you see what I mean.

So with this understanding, it's not contradictory for me to say that Then Came You was well-written... but it was still a lousy book.

The writing was clear and descriptive, but the multi-angle perspective just did not work. Every woman, from Annie, the no-college, decidedly middle-class mom of two, to the uber-upper-class Bettina, to WASPy Jules, all sounded EXACTLY the same. I often had to leaf back to the beginning of the chapter to see who was narrating.

Also, without blowing the whole plot for those of you who are still going to read it... the huge "revelations" about India's past were decidedly anticlimactic. I thought we'd learn that she had traded her child for crack, or had a few murders in her past. Nah. When the reveal came, it was downright disappointing.

One final note -- didn't JW cover the surrogate angle, with the dad who dies before the kid is born, in "Certain Girls?" There's plenty of material out there without resorting to copying yourself.

At least there wasn't a dog named Nifkin in this one.
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