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Dark Heart Forever by Lee Monroe
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Sep 06, 2011

liked it
Read from September 25 to 26, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1

OK, this book was not what I expected, but I mean this in a good way.
It totally deserves 3 1/2 stars, it is a little short of 4 stars.

Jane is a tomboy, who has had it rough. So rough that on account of a girl, Sarah, bullying her, she has been homeschooled for the past year.
Life seems to drag on for her with nothing really interesting happening and her being a bit passive, but things change on her sixteenth birthday (and a little before that).

Jane suffers from sleepwalking at night and often ends up at home with dirty clothes and scratches on her face, which her little sister, Dot, never tires of pointing out. During her sleepwalking incidents though, Jane sees a boy, a pale skinned, green-eyed boy, Luca, whom she finds inexplicably irresistible and feels deeply connected to him. He even tells her they are meant for each other.

When he reveals that he is not of this world, but from another world, called Nissilum, she is stunned, but she has already met, Evan, a blond, blue-eyed, surfer kind of guy, who seems smitten with her, but has a story of his own. Apparently, he had disappeared and then just turned up again in Australia, not really revealing what happened in the meantime.

As Luca is elusive, popping in and out of her life when she least expects it, Jane decides to let Evan court her and their relationship progresses gradually.
As the story unfolds and a mysterious diary finds its way into Jane's hands, we find out that not everyone is what they seem. Luca is a were-wolf creature, whose dangerous world manifests in all its glory and peril, when Jane accompanies Luca at a ball. She finds out that there are vampires and witches and angels and they are not partial to humans/mortals. What's more important, she realizes that the "disappearance act" is not something only humans do, but angels too.

My thoughts:
I really liked Jane because she has had a tough life and she has made the most of it. It was quite satisfying to see that at least she made her life work and her not going to parties or having expensive things didn't really put a strain on her relationship with her parents. There was no resentment.
She felt quite normal, she had no hidden powers or abilities, so that was really refreshing compared to other books, where the protagonist is suddenly revealed to be a witch, or a demon or nephilim. That made it easier to connect with her.
Her relationship with her younger sister was described quite realistically. She loved her but there were times she wanted to struggle her, as well.

Luca was a character that grew on you. Sure enough, the mystery around him, made him all the more interesting and I wanted to know more about him, but at the same time, the slow pace at which he started divulging some his secrets was a bit exasperating. It was quite obvious that he had deep feelings for Jane and, surprisingly, it seemed to be easier for him to express his feelings towards her, than it was for Jane herself. I really thought that he loved Jane more than she loved him. But maybe that was because she made a conscious effort to not invest on him too much, as she didn't know if he would stick around or return to her.
I have to admit that I wasn't blown away by him at first. It felt like he was more reserved than I like my favorite characters to be, no rebellious streak and everything, but in the end his loyalty and devotion, won me over.

As for Evan, he really was a paradox of shorts - especially in the end. He was vibrant and lively and just a little bit mysterious. Apart from his obvious physical appeal that had caught Jane's eye as well, he seemed to care about her deeply. He was always there for her, making an effort to be around her and meet her family, so that it would be easier for them to keep meeting each other.
He was respectful towards her parents, graceful towards her little sister and even had an admirable amount of self-control, not pressuring Jane into having sex before she was ready.

What started happening at the Ball, with Jane in danger and after she returned to earth, bringing a certain picture back, had me virtually breathless.
It was really jaw-dropping how it all unfolded, page after page of revelations and heartache. Bitterness, hatred, unrequited love, devotion....
I don't want to spoil anyone so I will just say that the ending really made up for the slowness in some parts.

Really worth a read, even though I was really disappointed in Evan - I was rooting for him...

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