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Naming the Bones by Louise Welsh
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Sep 06, 2011

it was ok
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Read from August 16 to September 06, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This book consists of 34 chapters.
This review consists of 34 spoilers.

1. Murray checks the content of some cardboard-boxes which belonged to the poet Archie who died 30 years earlier.
2. M. visits the exhibition of a painter, his brother Jack and meets Lyn, Jack’s girl-friend.
3. M. meets George the bookfinder.
4. M. takes the train from Ediburgh to Glasgow.
5. M. fucks Rachel, his girl-friend who chucks him.
6. M. goes to a pub.
7. M. is hung-over and gets a letter from Christie, the dead poet’s former girl-friend.
8. M. visits his old teacher, Prof. James.
9. M. meets Lyn again and goes shopping.
10. M. gets a call from Ms Garrett.
11. M. visits Ms Garrett, helps her fixing the curtains and fucks her.
12. M. retrieves some books in his office.
13. M. meets George again.
14. M. goes to a pub.
15. M. goes to a funeral.
16. M. meets his brother.
17. M. waits for the ferry to Lismore.
18. M. makes a call to Prof. James.
19. M. sees Christie, but does not speak to her. M. speaks to Rab, but does not see him.
20. M. takes a ride on a tracker.
21. M. speaks to Rathbones.
22. M. stays on the island.
23. M. watches porn.
24. M. moves to Pete's bothy.
25. M. meets Christie. It begins to rain.
26. M. gets a visit from Rachel’s husband, Fergus.
27. Mrs. Dunn tells a story.
28. M. meets Jem who is completely redundant to the story.
29. M. pays a visit to Christie.
30. M. digs a hole. Still raining.
31. Fergus steps into the hole.
32. M. observes a fire.
33. M. reads the book he had in his pocket since chapter 6.
34. No spectacular action in this chapter.

I guess after all these spoilers you miss the “tale of literature, obsession and dark magic”? Well, you should never believe the jacket-text.

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message 1: by André (new)

André VEry funny, Georg.
With this kind of a @#$% cover I wouldn't expect anything else though.

message 2: by Angelique (new)

Angelique Hey, did you find out while reading why the title is "Naming the bones"?

Georg This is very easy to answer. A typical adult human skeleton consists of 206 bones. If you divide this number by the Douglas Adams' Universal Constant Number (42) you will get a rest of 2. That's the number of stars this novel deserves. There are maybe other explanations for the title but this one seems to be the most likely.

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