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The Rogue by Joe McGinniss
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Oct 13, 2011

did not like it
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I have given this book the honor (?) of being the first in my new shelf entitled "Books that never should have been written." If any, all, some, of this is true, first of all who really cares? It is always easy to find people who are willing to trash other people because of any number of human frailties like envy, greed, not to mention if you want to be in the news, your fifteen minutes of fame.

Seriously though, if you really want to be taken seriously and are writing a book about another, you should Not move in next door to your intended victim and I could not help but think as I read, that Mrs Palin was a victim. Even if most of this was true, McGinniss seemed to take pleasure out of reporting all the details. I did not get one iota of human campassion, but just a matter of going for the jugular and squezzing every ounce of blood out of it that he could. Heck, who among us would not feel a bit violated by an action such as this?As far as I was concerned, this author lost all credibility by that action. He had to know that this would create an uproar which of course it did, and so that meant a ready audience for his book. He did get that so desired fifteen minutes of fame and for free too! Sold a lot of books I am sure because of it. Got his name in the news and blasted across the TV screens too!

There is a smack of yellow journalism here that I just could not swallow. I just felt the book was biased from the get go. Whether you like or dislike Mrs Palin, is really not the point in my mind as you read this. I was just looking for an account that put everything, the good, the bad, the ugly in perspective. This book just concentrated on two things or really three things......the bad, the ugly and the downright dirty scandalous reporting one expects to find in newspapers commonly referred to as rags.
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message 1: by Genine (new)

Genine Franklin-Clark Thanks for your review. It supports my decision not to buy this book, or others with an obvious smear agenda, regardless of my sympathy for, or antipathy to, the subject.

Marialyce Books Like this make me mad and totally annoyed. I guess you could tell! :)

message 3: by Genine (new)

Genine Franklin-Clark Good on ya! FYI, I voted for Obama, and will again, but will not read smears about Bush, Cheney or anyone else with whom I disagree politically ,,, or anyone else for that matter.

Marialyce Well then..good for you
I hate politics with all its smutty, undercurrents that run through everything. It is truly disgusting that people trash our leaders and then expect the rest of the world to have respect for them. I am dreading this forthcoming election. :(

message 5: by Genine (new)

Genine Franklin-Clark Good to know there are people like you .

message 6: by Judi/Judith (new)

Judi/Judith Riddle Marialyce wrote: "Well then..good for you
I hate politics with all its smutty, undercurrents that run through everything. It is truly disgusting that people trash our leaders and then expect the rest of the world t..."

I'm with you, Marialyce. I hate dirty politics, no matter who is the victim of the month. Most of the speeches make me sick to my stomach! I have little use for Joe McGinnis or Sara Palin, among others! I voted for Obama and I think he was handed a real mess and he has not had time to straighten it out yet. I also am not looking forward to the next election.

message 7: by Marialyce (last edited Oct 15, 2011 03:42AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Marialyce Thanks, Judith. We should do a lot of things and I do believe in term limits and also that there should be absolutely no lobbying for special interests or any interests for that matter. There is too' much chance for the promise of money and position to get in the way of what is really needed. I also think we ALL have to buy American and stop supporting foreign products. Spend money at home first and cure what ails us and then we will be better able to help others (not to mention affording it too!)

message 8: by Genine (new)

Genine Franklin-Clark Term limits for Representatives, Senators AND President would, one hopes, eliminate the pandering to other than those of us who (again, one hopes) vote them in. One term only - I kind of like 6 years.

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