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Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton
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College happens. I completely forgot to review this book soon after finishing it, so many details in my mind have been lost; and, unfortunately, I can't be bothered to read the story again due to lack of time (and available effort).

Why not much investment of effort? Just because Tyger, Tyger really doesn't stand out from other fantasy book currently.

Oh come now. Yes, there are goblins, which you would think would make the book ttly awesome and original; yet, as far as I read, nothing exactly stood out. Case in point: I hardly remember the dang thing.

I put three stars because I simply liked it. Wasn't terrible; wasn't the greatest either. Its promise of Irish mythology fascinated me, since other tales outside of Greek and Roman (and possibly Norse) are hardly emphasized in literature. (Vampires, werewolves, fairies, angels, and Biblical demons are great exceptions to the previous statement). So, I thought: Gee! An Irish mythology story with some adventure and family goodness? What a change! What could possibly go wrong?

Aha... Finn. Adding him with character development issues ruined the book substantially.

What is with instalove these days? Can't remember if Teagan fell for him right away, but I know he did for her. Ugh. For my sake, this is getting really tiring!

I get it: he's 'somewhat' exotic. He's a traveler. Ooooh. How sexy! What have these two done, though, that really brings out these feelings from him? Hm? From all I could remember, it was talking and... more talking and... er... leaving her... okay... then... and getting Teagan's dad back. So. Well.

Interests? Likes? Dislikes? Aspirations? Goals?

Really? Nothing? You got nothing, Finn? Maybe that's why I don't remember you.

That and no one had any character development. As far as I remember, no one really changed much from reading between the front to back covers. Static characters, through and through. All of them. (view spoiler)

Also, I believe there was a lot of info-dumping for Irish myth. Come on now. I know that not everyone knows these myths and there will be needing some explanation, but you could imply what powers the creatures have without having to discuss what they are. Showing! How I miss you and your subtleties.

Under this book's word that there would be rarely explored mythology in fictional literature, the novel entices people to read it; however, it still holds things that have grown to spread to most paranormal romance lit: love interest with barely a pulse, info-dumping, lacking character development, and overall a... dissappointing taste in my mouth for what should have been awesome. Goblins! Although I'm not particularly a fan of goblins or Irish mythology, it least it was different!

I liked the book for its... passing potential. There's not enough like to read the second book right now, though.

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