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Only Mine by Susan Mallery
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Sep 09, 2016

it was ok
bookshelves: romance, romance-contemporary
Read from September 13 to 14, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I'll try to keep this short and respectful, but no promises. There's undoubtedly something about this author that people love as her popularity continues to grow and I see lots of great reviews for her. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be one of the loyal readers. It's nothing against the writer or her views, but for my personal tastes I like books that do more than skim the surface of emotions and are less like a chick-lit book or one of those ridiculous self-help books that speak in rational tones and tell the reader they only have to be calm in dealing with emotions. I feel like I'm being lectured to or that the characters are just too flat and two-dimensional. I can't figure out if it's one or the other, but this style or writing is not working for me. In the last half of the book, which I listened to this morning had no less than 6-7 fluffy cliches, an 'embarrassment of riches' if you will. This airheady quality is bad enough on it's own to make me stop reading the author, but if that wasn't bad enough there was some bad, bad, terrible junk happening right from the beginning that should be a HUGE no-no in romancelandia. First, books that deal with fertility issues should come with some kind of warning, especially ones that blow reality out of the water. Dakota, the heroine has been diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, and told her chances of conceiving a child without medical intervention are slim to none. I have no real issue with this, except maybe since it's so close to my own life, I'm not real crazy about reading about it in a book that's to have a HEA. But if the diagnosis wasn't bad enough, Dakota and Finn have unprotected sex on their first date. No one thinks of the ramifications, and Finn doesn't even have a second thought about getting her pregnant (he doesn't know about the supposed infertility) or STD's. Not until two days later, and they only discuss the possibility of pregnancy, when she tells him it's 'virtually' impossible. Not completely impossible, just highly unlikely. It's just too irresponsible for words. And when, of course, Dakota ends up pregnant, because Finn must have 'really strong swimmers' he's actually upset with her. First, he's a responsible adult, at least that's what we're told since he raised his two younger brothers, then why was he so irresponsible with birth control. He didn't know Dakota! Second, let's look at the fact that two whole serious fertility issues were thrown out the window because of the magic of his sperm. Sure, there are miracles, but seriously, to take such a personal issue as infertility and casually sweep it under the rug like, 'Oh, well, the man's magic sperm can cure this' was just plain insulting. That's not how it happens in real life, and again, a disclaimer would have been nice. Infertility is a deeply emotional and personal issue, 5 years ago this book would have made me so upset in a different way, I would have been balling my eyes out at the unfair way a character in a book can get pregnant with the odds stacked against her, but I can't, even with medical interventions. Now, it just pisses me off for being irresponsible with the facts and emotions that go with infertility. But since Finn has magic sperm, he and Dakota will live on HEA with 'lots' of babies, because it's all fixed now. I should be okay with that, right? If the author had not used the secret baby plot, and taken this in a different, more complex direction, say, Finn didn't want to have commitments, and Dakota adopting Hannah was too much, or maybe Finn does want a family and fears being with Dakota would leave him without his own children would have been better. But no, Dakota gets pregnant and it's what ties them together, not the love. Never mind that Finn seemed completely incapable of a rational thought or thinking of others feelings, or having a normal discussion with anyone who didn't share his ideals, because that's a whole separate issue. If you have no problems reading about fake fertility issues, Finn's asshatness should be enough to deter you, because dude is a complete jerk. If you like light and fluffy, cliches and a general 'everyone together, be happy' sort of kumbiya (sp?) effect, you'll probably really like this. If you're like me and want some angst, some heat, some passion to your characters and more believable plots, skip it and just go have a drink with some girlfriends for some chick-lit love.
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09/13 "Chapter 4 - Why couldn't books like this come with disclaimers? Infertility, adoption - I hate reading about this sort of stuff in romances." 4 comments
09/13 "Chapter 6 - I can't stop rolling my eyes, I think this author is a little to fluffy for me." 12 comments
09/13 "Chapter 11 - I really am tired of Finn's whining, and his and Dakota's lack of safe sex concerns annoy me. I think this is getting worse for me than better."
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