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Willow by Julia Hoban
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Sep 08, 11

bookshelves: ansty-angsty-angst, beautiful-cover, disappointed, doesn-t-entirely-make-sense, less-personality-than-a-stick, wanted-to-slap-the-heroine
Recommended for: Low Red Moon fans
Read from September 05 to 07, 2011

Calling any Low Red Moon fans! This book is for you!

I was prepared to read about real issues. The cutting, the depression... I knew this book covered a lot of that.

But seriously, Willow annoyed me to half to death.

I'm okay with her problems. I don't mind the razor she constantly talk about, or her guilt, or the fear of driving or whatever. I have nothing against that.

What was so irritating about Willow, was that she refused to make up her mind. She wants to be loved, but dodges any attempts people make at friend ship. She wants her brother to love her, but convinces herself that he's lying when he says he does. She doesn't want people to talk about her, but insists that anyone who says hi is being put up to it.

It made me want to rip my hair out.

Plus, this girl is a mass conspiracy theorist.
I mean it.

No one can do anything nice for her without her thinking they're out to get her. She's not just unsure. She's determined to think that people hate her. She just moved to a new school, where no one has heard rumors about her. And yet she's convicted that everyone is planning against her.

"She wonders if the invitation is as innocent as it seems. Everyone knows that there's something different about her. Well, aside from everything else, she's new, and by itself that's enough to raise questions, even of the most innocent kind. But Willow is sure that the interest she's aroused is more sinister than that. There must be a million rumors floating around."

"She can tell they all think she's weird. They'll try to be nice, offer help with kittens, but behind her back they'll roll their eyes and thank God that they're not crazy like she is. Maybe they'll tell other people that they've hung out with the new girl. No, they don't know the whole story, but she is strange, all right.... Maybe they'll add a few rumors of their own."

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Dear God.

On the bright side, it had a happy ending and the rest of the characters weren't as "insecure." Guy was cool. Pretty much.

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Reading Progress

09/05/2011 page 12
4.0% "* cheer-leading pompoms* REJECTED! REJECTED! HE JUST GOT REJECTED! R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D!! REJECTED!!!!!"
09/06/2011 page 80
24.0% "Jeez, she's like a ber conspiracy theorist! UGH! She acts like everyone is out to get her. surely they were only being nice to me for sinister secret purposes... Guy seems honestly concerned and trying to help me but he's probably only doing it because he feels obligated.... My brother hates me SOOOO much; He actually SMILES at me! Ugh. Would it kill her to stop worrying?! Good God this is annoying!"
09/06/2011 page 179
54.0% "Willow needs to stop throwing hissy fits. I get that she's miserable, but stomping on her brothers feeling and TRYING to make him feel pain and agony? Who does that? Wasn't she just complaining that she wants her brother to be happy? And now she's a malicious? What gives?!"
09/07/2011 page 279
85.0% "Oh Jeez."

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MLE Great review. Sounds very annoying.

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