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Living Simply with Children by Marie Sherlock
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Apr 23, 08

bookshelves: nonfiction
Recommended to Samantha by: Adam
Recommended for: parents, annoying hippies
Read in April, 2008

Not well written, if you ask me, which you didn't, but this is my review, so there you go.

I don't claim to know the rules of rhetoric, but I'm quite sure her arguments are flawed.� She doesn't work very hard to prove the validity of her constant (somewhat laughable) references to "research," "recent studies" and "experts."

This would probably be a very good book...were it written by someone else. Someone who was an actual expert in the field, who had done lots of actual research and knew a lot about it. Or at least could make me think they did. The author here turned the entire book into a repetitive feast of trying to convince the reader that she is right, when it's a subject I am very interested in and would like to know more about. More specifics on application and not just personal opinion, basically.

The book also frequently ventures into the territory of annoying - I find a lot of people who adapt this lifestyle to be annoying, and they shouldn't be, b/c it's a wonderful idea. People just take it overboard, are actually hypocritical, and get all high and mighty and seem to act certain ways only so they can tell others that they act that way.

That said, "voluntary simplicity" and "downshifting" are ideas I am very interested in and think about often. And despite the book's flaws, it got me thinking a lot more about how I live my life, how others do, how I want to, and how I want to teach my kid(s). So it is worth a glance for that, for people like me. If you already live this way (like my husband does, or wishes he could be he's married to me), this book probably isn't worth your time. But again if you are on the cusp on living this way and want to adapt some of the principles, glance through the chapters. No need to read the entire book.

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