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Caged in Darkness by J.D. Stroube
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Feb 17, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: dissapointed, thought-it-would-be-better, makes-no-sense, plot-holes, wanted-to-like
Read in February, 2012

First off, the first three chapters are awesome. Then it goes down the slow descent to nonsensical.

I find myself wondering if this book had an editor, because there were way too many grammatical mistakes for the book to be read smoothly. At some points the tense was so mixed up it looked as though the book had started off in present but then was changed to past but half the verbs were left out. Also the word "shone" kept being "shown". Huh. That aside, the plot was pretty cool (to begin with) but then spiralled down into obscurity.

I'll start off with the good points of the book for me:

- The heartbreaking storyline at the beginning.
The first three chapters were really emotional and made me feel so fond and protective over the main character, Savannah. She had a really sad past that had made her behave in a certain way- well for the first three chapters anway. See rant in bad points.

-Ash was so cute in the first half, being the protective figure but also confused with his feelings- I thought it was adorable.

-The whole witchcraft thing was interesting and made a good theme for the book.

Bad points (All the second half of book):

- So, at first Savannah had issues with getting close to people and had a really distinct narrative voice. Yeah, that totally didn't last. Half way through she was suddenly flirty, charismatic and just fickle. This was not character development, this was a lack of continuity or possibly an unmentioned mental breakdown. It made no sense for her to suddenly act in this random way.

-Liam. I just don't see the point in his character at all.

-Treatment of Izzy. Okay, maybe again it's because she has my name that I'm being outraged by this but (view spoiler) Savannah was a bitch to her.

-The dialogue sounded false and forced a lot of the time. Hell, the storyline sounded false.

-Who the crap loves who?

-Basically the way the second half of the book feels like it is written by another person, has a completely different pace, changes the characters and just goes in a really odd direction.

Overall, this was a book that I'd been really looking forward to, so this dissapointed me massively. If it stayed in sync with the first third of the book, I would've loved it-grammatical errors and all. But something really went off. The interesting thing though, is how near the very end, I became interested again only when Savannah was off killing things and Willow was in the spotlight being the thankless hero.
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message 1: by Becky (new)

Becky Also the word "shone" kept being "shown".

I hate, HATE when books do this. It just yanks me right out of it. I'm guessing, based on the grammatical errors and pacing issues, that this one was self-pub'd?

Izzy I think so. The acknowledgements say the editor was a best friend doing a favour or something, which explains a lot *eye roll* haha

message 3: by Becky (new)

Becky Ugh. I try really hard not to be unfairly prejudiced against self-published works, but honestly, I can probably count on one hand the number I've read and found decent. The continuity problems you mentioned tend to pop up in a lot of self-pub'd works, I think.

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