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Bee Among The Clover by Fae Sutherland
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Sep 04, 2011

it was ok
I own a copy

This book started out well, though there is a rape scene in the beginning and some dub-con scenes throughout. This is a love story between two slaves, so those scenes really did fit into the story and didn't feel at all gratuitous. Aron and Roman are both bed slaves to Wulfgar, Aron because he swore a year's service to him, and Roman because he was kidnapped during a battle. The fact that both men were slaves and that one would end his service in a year and would have to leave the other behind should have provided all the conflict this story could need, but the author filled it with one Big Misunderstanding after another which became frustrating. The Big Misunderstandings come about a third of the way into the book, and once they start, the reader is subjected to every single thought either of the MCs have on the matter. Pages and pages of one character's pondering about the matter, followed by pages and pages of the other character's pondering on the same subject. For the second half of the book I only read the first line of each paragraph unless it was an action scene. That's a lot of excess writing that could have been edited out. The two main characters were well developed, especially Roman, but I was quite tired of reading them by the end. Wulfgar became the most interesting character in the book, mainly because we didn't get his every thought on anything that anyone said or did. He remained a little bit of a mystery. Wulfgar proves the power of showing over telling, because his was a deeply flawed character, yet he is also the only one I have any interest in reading more about. I might read the next book in the series, but I worry about the editing, or lack thereof.
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