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The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose
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Sep 04, 2011

it was amazing


This is a might be the best *children* book of our generation. Bear
with me. My favorite book when I was small was a some 1000 pages thick
encyclopedia of astronomy - and I am sure I am not the only who was
fascinated and inspired by a similarly mesmerizing and daunting
book. Full of strange pictures and even stranger ideas. Penrose's book
could be such a book for our kids. Do buy and keep it within easy
reach. Who knows?

LESS IMPORTANTLY (despite attempt still not really a factual review):

I'll be brief: it is an utterly fantastic book, deeply inspiring,
interesting and it just boggles my mind when and how managed Penrose
to put this together. Although his credibility might have suffered
lately after a few not very successful ideas, but let us not make a
mistake - this is still a giant of theoretical physics, sharing not
only his very deep (and originally communicated) insights, but also
his personal opinions (always clearly marked as such - very
appreciated, although I can't always agree) and probably most importantly his undying passion
and fascination with physical reality (because saying: "with the
Universe" would be too narrow).

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