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Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson
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Sep 07, 11

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Read from September 04 to 05, 2011

Part #1 – In Which I “Get It”

Hunting Lila is a frenetic, light-hearted mash up of teen romance and comic-book action, with a backbeat of mystery and suspense.

Narrated by seventeen year old Lila, who has been keeping her power of telekinesis a secret, the plot is set in motion by a mugging on the streets of London. Lila takes off for California, to the safety of her brother and long-time crush, Alex. As it turns out, they have been keeping secrets of their own, and Lila is plunged into a world of black ops, revenge plotting and superpowers.

Reading Hunting Lila was a little like hearing a popular song on the radio. You know, that song that’s on such high rotation that even if it’s not to your usual taste, you find it stuck in your head and hear yourself humming along? In a similar way, Hunting Lila had a catchy quality. It’s a light read with a flirty vibe, focused heavily on keeping the reader entertained. (And given the adoration it has been receiving– I guess here it largely succeeds).

While the pacing isn’t overly consistent – it picks up rapidly in the second half, whereas the first focuses more on setting up the romantic plot – Hunting Lila has a sense of fun which makes it quite quick and easy to consume. The premise, while certainly not groundbreaking, was enjoyable and a slightly different take on current paranormal trends, with a couple of twists and turns.

The romance element was fluffy and heavily geared for swooning. I did like Alex, and I the interactions between he and Lila were certainly charged and engaging enough to keep me flipping pages to see how things would unfold. Although (view spoiler)

On my purely entertainment-based evaluation, Hunting Lila passes.

But :|

Part #2 – In Which I Rain on the Fun Parade. Sorry

I’m going to place my griping below in spoiler tags, as I may mention elements of the plot best kept unspoiled.

(view spoiler)

This was a case of like, not love, for me. The concept and the plot were interesting and fun, respectively, and I see appeal of the romance, but overall, I can’t rate it above average, or “it was ok”. Which it was.

I may read the sequels out of interest to see where the story goes next, but ultimately, I was disappointed with Hunting Lila. :/
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Nomes oh i so know that feeling.

i think if you were not initially charmed in the first few chapters of this ~ it would not be the book for you. it was a tough one for me to review as even though i rather enjoyed it (quite a lot), i couldn't outright recommend it as i can see why it could irk other readers :/

Reynje Thanks Nomes.. It's hard to be the one to rain on the love parade :) I definitely saw the fun side and the swooniness of this.. But some things also quite irritated me.

Nomes would you read the next one?

this one has been very popular on goodreads, but not with everyone. are you going to review? i dont always review every book i read (have been rather lame with reviewing in the last month)

Reynje I'll probably read it to see where the story goes, just won't be rushing out to get it.

I'm feeling a bit lazy about reviewing right now :) waiting for some inspiration to strike!

Trinity That's a shame dear Rej but I know what you mean.

Emily I didn't love it quite as much as some other bookers. I kept my expectations low and just didn't take myself too seriously while i was reading it. There were definitely moments where it was a 2 star read for me... Even though i gave it four! I'm looking forward to your review :)

Reynje Thanks Emily :) I think perhaps my expectations were a little high, going into it. It's frustrating because I really saw some potential for me to give this 4 stars, but then some other things just really disappointed me. It'll be a tough review to write..

Limonessa It's a 3.5 for me too. I liked it, especially if I don't analyze it too much. Looking forward to your review, I need to write mine too :D

Nomes oh i know lisa ~ it is not a book that should be analysed, IMO ;) it's rather fluffy and flirty, i had fun reading it though :)

Reynje, high expectations are a frustrating thing ~ i much prefer going in blind most of the time. then i end up being deliciously surprised :)

Reynje Agreed- expectations can be perilous! :) it's always better to be pleasantly surprised than let down.

I'm scribbling down some notes now, hopefully will post a review/explanation tomorrow. I did enjoy the concept though, I thought that was quite fun..

Nomes awesome review. weirdly, i agree with all of it (weird, as i gave it 4 stars regardless).

everything you said is valid. i suspect if i had been a different mood when i read it i may have rated lower, but it really was a guilty pleasure, good times kind of book for me.

i mentioned the same thing with the pacing in my review :)

message 12: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic Great honest review Renyje! (view spoiler).

Reynje Thanks Nomes and Nic :) Tough to write, but I just needed to get it out! It is a guilty pleasure type book. And likewise, I might have been easier on it, had I been in a different mood at the time of reading..

Nic, (view spoiler)

message 10: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic (view spoiler)

Nomes i particularly loved the format of this review. i should use it sometimes, b/c often i can see the appeal in a book but it can still leave me feeling cold.

Flannery I love this. I felt kind of alone in my 'meh' feelings about this. Suki was my favorite as well. I guess my biggest problem was the back-loaded action and (view spoiler) Like you, I think I may read the sequels. Maybe.

Reynje Thanks Flannery, as I read it was feeling a bit out in the cold because i just didn't dig it all that much. Also (view spoiler). If you write a review, i'm looking forward to reading it..

Janina Great review, Reynje. I have to say, I agree with lots of the points you make, but overall still had fun reading the book. I loved Suki, too!! And I don't care if she is a little weird ;).(view spoiler)

Reynje Thanks Janina! Looking back at my review and my comment about Suki, I think I should probably clarify and say (view spoiler)

Chernyse I totally agree with you about Lila. She spent too much time obsessing over and talking about Alex in the first half, and annoyed me extremely.

message 3: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle Great review! I'm still a bit torn about reading this. Might have to be a library book :)

Reynje Maree wrote: "Great review! I'm still a bit torn about reading this. Might have to be a library book :)"

Thanks Maree! I'll send you my copy if you message me your address :)

Amy (Turn the Page) Fantastic review and I felt the same way when I read it. But... I still rated it 4 stars lol and did enjoy it as mindless fun. I hated the first half lol.

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