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Lost Voices by Sarah  Porter
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Sep 03, 11

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As a mermaid fanatic, I can say that I have put up with a lot of crap from mermaid books just to get my fix before I give up on them. That being said, this book didn't end up on the reject pile, but I'm not sure if I'm going to read the sequels. This book certainly delivers in delicious dark mermaids and lavish descriptions of a bleak, beautiful cold sea. However, the characters are capable of extremely gruesome and cruel acts as well as frustrating social "drama" among themselves that's way too close to an MTV reality show. I can see that the author was trying to touch on the reality of the capacity for cruelty in young girls, but I think that aspect of the book would have been better suited to a non-fantasy young adult book in a school or other such setting. Or at least it could have been better integrated into this one because the fantasy elements didn't feel like it was meshing very well with the harshness of some of these characters. It almost felt like I'd started reading another book sometimes. Maybe I was wrongly expecting a more traditional fantasy instead of a "contemporary" one. Overall, I recommend this book to other fantasy and mermaid fans, I even drew a picture for it,http://ryokonokalo.deviantart.com/art... However I definitely caution them to a less than fulfilling ending. Porter definitely has sequel bait syndrome.

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Jolie Rolie Polie :D there's one thing we can all agree on-beautiful cover. :

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