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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
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Oct 06, 11

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Read from September 17 to 30, 2011

Made it to page 101 and man, I just don't want to finish reading this. Reasons for abandoning: partially it just wasn't what I wanted when I picked the book up. I wanted runny fighty action!heroine zombie book with adventure: this is more YA Dystopian Days Of Our Lives in a fishbowl. Other reasons:

*It suffers from Insufficient Zombies Syndrome. They moan audibly from time to time but otherwise there's no reason for them not to be direwolves, orcs, or carnivorous oak trees. No wait! That's a lie. They're used to good effect early on when the protagonist's other parent dies. Still, though Moar On-Screen Zombies!

*Set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic returned-to-Dark-Ages village, the population seems pretty small but they don't seem worried about inbreeding. Bugged me a lot. Plus, world is full of zombies and you guys have a chain-link fence? JUST a chain-link fence? Really?

*Tired of fiction where the hero/heroine's *whole family* are dead or assholes or dead assholes. Plus, in a village this size, where are her cousins? Grandparents? The other villagers are poorly realized and amorphous.

*Nuns are scarier than zombies and seem to be principle villains of piece. Anvils.

*Prose turns quite purple whenever heroine is within three feet of the guys she likes. Many of the characters (other than protag) seem thinly drawn; if this were a painting you'd be able to see the canvas behind them.

*Narrative tic: every chapter ends with a punchy Statement! Of! Doom! Which got tiresome after a bit.

It's not a *bad* book, I just have some problems with it and it's not really up my alley and my to-read pile is EPIC. Gonna donate this one next time Big Brother swings through the neighborhood, hopefully it gets to a reader it'll suit better

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09/17/2011 page 33
11.0% "Every chapter ends with a one-line Statement! Of! Doom!"
09/25/2011 page 66
21.0% "The nuns are scarier than the zombies"
09/25/2011 "Wonder why they aren't worried about inbreeding yet. Unless it's too late"

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