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Master of the Abyss by Cherise Sinclair
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Nov 15, 11

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, erotica, suspense, kinky-fuckery-bdsm
Read in September, 2011

First Logan, now Jake. I think I'll take Jake.

Jake won't take on a permanent Sub ever since his girlfriend committed suicide. When a bar brawl breaks out at the local tavern, he has to sit up and take notice of Kallie, a tomboyish woman he has never paid much attention to, until now.

Kallie can fight like a man and she dresses like one too. She doesn't date much but she has always had a secret crush on Jake. When her cousins decide to go into business with Logan and Jake, Kallie soon finds out exactly what type of things go on at Serenity lodge and what type of activities Jake is into. On her first night at the lodge, she finds herself not merely a spectator but a participant with Jake as her guide into the world of BDSM. Jake being a man of the "one night only" rule, thinks he can enjoy a night with Kallie only to leave it at that and not go back for seconds.

Kallie and Jake find themselves going back to each other multiple times and both of them break their own rules. When a serial killer threatens Kallie's life, will Jake be there to save her or will he be too late?

The sequel had the added element of suspense that the first book didn't have. We get glimpses into the killer's mind from his POV, and his revelations keep one guessing as to his identity. Jake's reasoning for trying to stay away from Kallie makes sense. His ex-girlfriend Mimi was a collared slave. When he couldn't and wouldn't keep up that lifestyle he decided to uncollar her. In her despair, Mimi threw herself off a cliff. Jake felt responsible for not anticipating what his leaving her might do to her. Considering that one of the crucial responsibilities of a Dom is to be able to read a sub, anticipate what he or she is feeling and how far he or she can be pushed, it was very believable that he felt he had failed her and failed as a Dom.

As for Kallie, she is now the second heroine who has major self esteem and abandonment issues. I'm beginning to wonder if those traits are what draw them to the world of BDSM then mere curiosity. I couldn't really connect with her character, but my heart did clench a few times when she left herself open and vulnerable. I don't think Jake really lead her on, but he didn't exactly make things easy for Kallie either. However, in the many moments when he didn't "over think" things he was very tender and sweet. He gently coaxed her to open herself up and put her at ease with her body issues. Jake is like the perfect man :)

I definitely enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.
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