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Fall For Me by Melanie Marks
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Sep 27, 2011

it was amazing

This was a cute book. Not mind blowing, but fun. I thought it was really cute and I kind of got a crush on Riley as I read along. He was really sweet and mature. Actually, he was super-duper mature. His dad left him in charge of his restaurant for part of the summer while he was away. His dad had Riley be "The Boss." I'd love to have a boss like that, totally swoon-worthy! I think all teen girls would love this book and can totally afford it!!! It only costs a buck! ☺

However, this book is not a full length novel. It's a "novella". Keep that in mind because I guarantee you'll want it to go on longer. Not that the ending isn't totally sweet. I think it is almost perfect how Ms. Marks ended it--but you'll wish it was longer. But hey, again, it was only a buck and nothing is left unfinished. It's paced awesome that way, short and sweet, but it ends before you are ready. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to curl up and read an entire book in an hour or two.

Ms. Marks’ writing voice may not be for everyone. I like it, but I’m young. ☺ I’m even more young at heart. So is Ms. Marks’ writing style. Maybe you should read the “Look Inside The Book” on Amazon and see if you like her kind of writing before you spend your whole dollar.☺ That’s what I did. That’s how I knew I would like her writing. It’s not “literary.” It’s young and cute and I’m quite sure she intends it to be that way, not at all serious and formal. Her writing is fun and flirty and I’m pretty sure that’s the point. She’s writing about a teen and it’s like she “is” the teen you are reading about. I think she does that on purpose. I like it. You may not. So, as I suggested, check the “Look Inside the Book” on Amazon if you are worried about wasting a dollar or Kindle space or whatever.

I give Fall For Me five stars and Ms. Marks a big high-five. ☺
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