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The Gospel According to Twilight by Elain A. Heath
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Sep 06, 2011

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** As an English major, I have an affinity for literary critcism, and I was absolutely fascinated when I saw this ARC come up. When I read Twilight, I devoured the series in about a week. I joked that there was a magical hold that the books garner on the reader--maybe even a Mormon curse!

In the book, the author takes a look at how all roads in Twilight lead back to the Bible in some ways. You would have to be blind not to notice there are religious undercurrents in Twilight. I'm not just talking about the Abstinence message. Edward doesn't want to turn Bella for fear of taking her soul, Carlisle has become a doctor to help people--trying to gain penance perhaps for an afterlife. I've found it interesting the head of the vampires, the Volturri, live in a walled city in Italy...hmm, remind you of the Vatican, perhaps?

Heath brings up so many great points of both religion as well as feminism. It isn't hard to read Twilight and get your feminist sensibilties riled. I especially liked how she brought up the violence towards women factor--You have Esme killing herself to avoid an abusive marriage and the loss of her child, Rosalie is gang raped by her fiancee and his friends, and Emily has her face mauled off by Sam when when he fazes. There's also the rather disusting imprinting aspect that is brought up.

Heath also taps into the negativty of divorce(the only divorced family, Charlie and Renee, are totally disfunctional), and everyone in Twilight is paired off by the end of the series except for poor Leah. Heath brings in the Mormon aspect that only the married get to experience the highest realms of heaven, which greatly appalled me.

There's also the parallels of ressurection with Bella's transformation; 3 days, new body, etc.

It was truly a fascinating read!!
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