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Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas
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When we first meet Liberty Jones she is an awkward, shy thirteen year old living with her mother and her mother’s useless (albeit friendly) boyfriend in a trailer park. She lost her Mexican American father at the age of four and inherited his dark hair and olive skin. She is quite the contrast to her blond, ivory-skinned mother, Diana. One of the first people she befriends is Hardy Cates, an ambitious bad boy who yearns for life out of the trailer park, and she pretty much falls in love with him from the start. Hardy has a reputation, but shows nothing but kindness to Liberty.

After kicking out her lazy boyfriend, Diana discovers she is pregnant. Liberty is extremely excited and once the baby is born she is fervent in her love for her little sister, Carrington. She also becomes more of a mother to her sister than her own mother is, due to her mother’s lack of emotional attachment. I’m guessing she suffered from post-partum depression. Right around this time Hardy starts showing Liberty more attention, and they even share a kiss. Hardy admits he has feelings for her but won’t act out on them, because he knows if he does he won’t ever leave. And that’s exactly what he does shortly thereafter. Liberty assumes she’ll never see him again.

Diana starts a turbulent relationship with the park’s seedy manager and ends up dying in a car accident with him. Liberty is left to care for Carrington on her own. Liberty gets a scholarship to a beauty school and moves to Houston after she graduates and gets an apprenticeship at a high-end salon. She soon meets an older man, Churchill Travis, who shows a special interest in her. Everyone assumes it’s a certain sort of relationship, but her friendship with Churchill is deep and genuine.

Churchill gets hurt in an accident and asks Liberty to be his personal assistant. He also wants Liberty and Carrington to move in with him. After much apprehension she agrees, but is greeted with coldness and hostility from his eldest son, Gage. Gage assumes the worst; that Liberty is sleeping with his father and that she is a gold-digger. But once the hostility drops away, Liberty and Gage start to develop feelings for one another.

Everything seems to be going Liberty’s way, finally. She can financially support Carrington, and she’s willing to open up her heart to someone after years of being in love with someone she couldn’t have…
Or so she thought, because the unthinkable happens and Hardy Cates shows up in Liberty’s life once again.

Liberty ends up having to choose between two men, and I think she made the right choice. She finally got her happy ending, and it couldn't have been more satisfying.

Liberty is one of the best heroines I’ve encountered. I just loved her from the start and rooted for her all the way. She's so unselfish and kind, and smart and innocent.

This story is told in first person from Liberty’s perspective. When I’m reading books that aren’t romance, I actually prefer first person POV. I would say this book is more women’s fiction than romance novel, but as someone who loves romance novels I was not disappointed. There are many wonderful moments between Liberty and Hardy and then with Gage, so romance fans should not fret.

I do have a complaint; that Liberty and Gage’s relationship could have been more developed. I felt like there could have been more pages of the two of them getting to know one another, therefore I could get to know more of Gage, because I can't get enough!

I wasn't a fan of Hardy by the end, but I have to say he is delicious and I can't wait to read his book.

My love for Lisa Kleypas’s historical romances knows no bounds, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I enjoyed this one so much. There is something about her writing that makes me ravenous in reading it.

My cast>

Ali Landry as Liberty

Jackson Hurst as Gage

Wow, this review is loong. :)
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Carla *Jen7waters* Aaaaah, you've read it already! I'm so far behind!!
(Oh my...he is handsome *.*)

Elise I hope I didn't spoil anything for you!

Elise ...and yeah he is. ;)

Carla *Jen7waters* Don't worry Elise! I just read the beginning, so I can come back and read it all when I'm finished with the book :)

Elise okay! :D

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