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Rabbit, Run by John Updike
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Apr 17, 2008

did not like it

oh boy, i have issues with john updike. he has all the goody-goody provincialism that drives me crazy about john irving, without the (debatable) benefit of the quirky plots. check out his motivation for writing Rabbit, Run: "Jack Kerouac’s On the Road came out in 1957 and, without reading it, I resented its apparent instruction to cut loose; Rabbit, Run was meant to be a realistic demonstration of what happens when a young American family man goes on the road – the people left behind get hurt." so basically if you're looking for a book by a literary tattletale ("Johnny went on the road and people got hurt!") knock yourself out. otherwise this will probably just make you want to kick updike's ass.

as a side note, i suffer from extreme updykselexia, which causes me to constantly confuse john updike, upton sinclair, and sinclair lewis (rabbit, babbit, ... aaaaaaa!). the end result is that i filed the whole crew of them in the mental shit heap.
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message 1: by Katy (new) - rated it 1 star

Katy M I had no idea that is why he had written this book. I would think that goal would have been better achieved by telling the story through his wife's eyes. Or, even by making Rabbit a bit more sympathetic. Because, afterall, anyone contemplating running off and leaving their family is going to think to themselves, well, I'm not THAT bad.

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