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Blood Rock by Anthony Francis
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Sep 01, 2011

really liked it
Read on October 01, 2011

Wow, this was a quick read! Fast moving, quirky and so much fun to read - this book can definitely be a stand-alone one. I read "Frost Moon" few weeks ago, but I can say it's not necessarily to read it beforehand if you don't want to. And look at the Cover - I love it! Sets the mood so well for the book!

I still love seeing Dakota handle Cinnamon, it's probably my favorite relationship throughout the two books. Her "becoming" a mother for self-proclaimed were-tigger is so much fun to read!

Don't get me wrong I love seeing her in a more romantic mood as well with not one but two interests! Of course that can never last which makes reading the book even more fun.

❝Beside me sits a five-nothing teenaged girl, listening to a podcast on her iPod. Normally she’s dressed in a vest and Capri pants, but today she’s in a shockingly conservative schoolgirl’s outfit that clashes with her orange hair and elaborate tiger-striped tattoos.

At first what you see is easy to interpret: an outsider trying to fit in, or a rebel suffering a forced fit. But then your eyes do another double take: are those … cat ears poking out from beneath her head scarf? Did they move? And is that a tail? My God, honey, could she be one of those … what are they called … “were-cats”?
Why yes, her ears did move, and yes, she’s a weretiger. But didn’t your mom tell you it’s rude to point? She has a name: Cinnamon Frost. And she’s my adopted daughter.

Both the Prius and the weretiger in its passenger seat are brand new to me. I met Cinnamon only two months ago, visiting a local werehouse to research a werewolf tattoo, and ended up adopting her after a serial killer damn near killed her trying to get to me. I picked up the Prius right around the same time, a little splurge after winning a tattooing contest.❞

And the suspence and invetigating well I'm a sucker for well written mystery getting resolved, and adding vampires, weres and magic to that - sold!

Francis has a way about his writing that is just refreshing and intriguing, he has created a world of unique vampires and weres and isn't shy about making Dakota appreciate the female form as well.

I love Dakota and definitely liked this book! So wither you want to check out "Frost Moon" first or just read Blood Rock, I recommend them both.

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