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When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
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May 12, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2011

This is a book that I had had my eye since early last year. Each time I went to the bookstore, I'd look at it and finally before leaving give it up and say I'd get it next time. After almost a year of waiting, I added it to my amazon cart and hit purchase. I'm so happy that I finally purchased it. I could not stop reading it. It was certainly reminiscent of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. As that is one of my favorite books of all time, I absolutely loved this story. I certainly want everyone to read this!

Sixth grader Miranda begins by telling us that her mother has been chosen to play on $20,000 Pyramid. She tells this to the person whom she's writing to because he has asked her to. When her best friend Sal gets hit by a group of kids they usually are able to avoid, things start to change in Miranda's world. Suddenly, he tells her that they need to take a break from being so close to one another. She then starts to get weird notes. Things start to change when she starts hanging out with and making sandwiches during lunchtime at a local deli with Colin and Annamarie. Miranda starts to realize that maybe they needed to have other friends than each other despite how much she misses Sal.

One day, when she's helping out in the office and the school's dentist office (not every family can afford dental visits), she begins talking to an older kid who sees that she is reading (for the however many-ith time) A Wrinkle in Time. They begin to start talking about time travel and if it is in any way possible. Can it be accomplished now? Do we have to wait until the future to figure out the logistics and scientific structure of the process? Is it even possible at all?

The conversation nags at her. She hangs out with her two new friends, helps her mom practice for the show and goes to school, but she can't get the conversation, the boy or the anonymous notes out of her mind. When it all finally comes together and she figures out who has been sending them and what it all means, she can't believe how she didn't see it before. She realizes that change doesn't have to be for the worse. She realizes anything is possible. Isn't that all anyone wants from a book sometimes?

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Mark Lovely review, Megan. Glad you finally had a good excuse to read it. :)

Yasmine This book touched my heart all the way to its core. It's one of those rare books that have you thinking, "so this is what people live with today?" This book will always stay in my heart now matter how long I live.

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