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Seerie by Ella Hansing
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Aug 31, 2011

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Seerie by Ella Hansing is a short and simple tale with an ancient Greek flavor. Seerie himself is a fast-footed youth who is orphaned but finds a home and acceptance in a camp of heralds. His fleetness and athleticism and determination make him the perfect candidate to enter a great race with the highest possible stakes, personal and financial -- which only get more intense when the girl he loves, Marixia, becomes involved.

It's a quick, entertaining read for young people. This book is self-contained -- no set-up for a sequel.

Positives: Easy to understand, comfortably paced, clear character motivations, likeable characters. There are almost no distractions from the main storyline, and the style is always acceptable and ranges to pleasingly lyrical in some places. If you want a change from the currently overused supernatural elements (vampires, werewolves, shifters, etc.) and want a more simple story of human conflict and achievement, this is it.

1) A fair number of homonym errors (an incorrect word that sounds the same as the desired word.
2) While the setting is intended to be Greece, there is no great knowledge of Greek culture or history incorporated. I would have liked to see Greek names, Greek settings, Greek arts, Greek cultural ideas. Hansing has opted for invented names instead. It's not a choice I would have made.

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