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Area 51 by Annie   Jacobsen
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Aug 31, 2011

really liked it
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This book has been reviewed in respectable outlets (and the author was on the Daily Show) because she gives objective treatment to the subject. Most of the book is about the top secret things that were tested and developed at Area 51, including nuclear tests, the SR-71 Blackbird, Predator Drones, etc. It appears that in general the air force develops their most top secret projects there. This is nothing surprising or controversial.

The author had access to some pretty good sources and quite a few of them, too.

The author spoke to source who said the Roswell crash was a plan by Stalin to cause panic in the population. He was surprised by how the War of the Worlds broadcast, that people thought was real, caused such widespread panic. He devised a plan to send a "flying wing" or "flying saucer" type of aircraft into U.S. airspace to cause such panic, an early example of psyops. Whether this story is true is hard to say, but it's certainly another theory.

At the end of the book, speaking with one of her sources, she asked if she had found everything out. He said she had only touched the surface. She asked if they had the technology to hover and fly like some UFO's seem to have and he said they have always had it. She asked how it worked and he said something about EMF. Now, any scientist of engineer would have known that EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency, so that is no informative answer but she clearly didn't understand what EMF might mean. In any case, the deepest secrets of Area 51 still remain hidden.

Maybe there is technology that the government has that they don't want the rest of the world to even know they have and that is responsible for the tight security. There is no strong evidence for the monumental claim that we have alien technology. One thought I had while reading the book was that human testing would be the sort of thing that the government would never admit to, perhaps not for many decades. But in the beginnings of the cold war, maybe the government tested the effects of nuclear radiation on people, since they would want to know how soldiers would hold up after a nuclear blast. Tests were performed on animals. It seems to me a more likely explanation that there was some terrible human testing performed at Area 51 and that is the reason for all the secrecy.

It would be neat if there was alien technology, but that would require much, much more evidence than there is.

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