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Farsighted by Emlyn Chand
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Nov 16, 12

really liked it
Read in September, 2011

I was very honored to be given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Farsighted, by Emlyn Chand. Until I discovered that it was a story told in the first person. And then I tried to come up with a way to get out of my commitment without appearing to be a rotten person. It’s not that I’ve never read this kind of book, it’s just that with few exceptions, I much prefer those told in the third person. Especially when there’s more than one perspective.

But I couldn’t find a way to back out gracefully, so I decided to suck it up and just get it over with.

Except I found, very early on, that Alex intrigued me. And then I found that I wanted someone to beat the snot out of Brady, the lowlife school bully, when it became clear that he had no problem being mean to a blind kid. I knew then that I actually cared about Alex. In other words, I was hooked.

I figured it would take me about a week to finish Farsighted, but Ms Chand is very good at what she does, and I wound up staying up much later than I’d planned...meaning I finished it the same night I started it. First she made me care, then she made me curious. Enough so that I needed to figure out what was going on.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, because I don’t want to give the story away but, as Alex’s exercises his gift, it changes in a very cool way near the end of the book. A unique twist that I never saw coming.

If you have even a little bit of an imagination, and you’re into fantasy at all, I believe you’ll enjoy Farsighted as much as I did. It’s well worth your time to check it out.
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message 1: by Melissa (new) - added it

Melissa Storm Oh, thank you so much, Kristy! I'm glad you cared about Alex and enjoyed his world. When I woke up the morning after sending out my ARCs and found that two of you had stayed up all night to finish, I was just beyond happy. Great review :-)

Kristy James You are very welcome. I'm just relieved that I liked it as much as I did because when I realized it would all be from Alex's perspective, I fully expected to NOT enjoy it. And then I didn't know what I'd do for a review. Fortunately I DID like it...very much. :)

message 3: by Melissa (new) - added it

Melissa Storm I know 3rd person is supposed to be easier to write, but it never has been for me. I just got so much deeper being in Alex's viewpoint. I really got to know him, you know?

BTW, Team Simmi or Team Shapri? Yeah, it's a thing now! So far we have 2 members for Team Simmi and nada for Shapri...

Melissa Garrett Great review! Can't wait to read it. :-D

Kristy James Team Shapri all the way! Thanks, Melissa. :)

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