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Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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What to say, what to say?
While I absolutely idolise Kenyon and her God given talent for creating a world I desperately want to be a part of, I’m not so sure I loved Infamous as much as I should have.

There were definitely some parts in the story that left me baffled and turning back pages to see if I’d somehow missed a chunk of it. But no, I’d just stumbled across a piece where it was so jumpy and sketchy it took a few seconds to make sense of everything.

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here, so let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

Weird. Very, very weird. Like, I get the overall goal and what they were trying to accomplish, but it just played out a bit weird. One second I thought Grim was going to teach Nick silkspeech, but after one short lesson we never heard from Grim again until the very end. Then I thought the focus would be on the surfacing material at the school, but again, the story jumped from that to keeping Nick out of the Nether Realm (Did I get that right?) but oopsie-daisy, he end sup there anyway.
There was no explanation on what the Fringe Realm Nekoda kept dragging him into was which was disappointing. There was also no real transition from Nick in hospital to Nick being drugged by the nurse/Adarian in disguise to Nick back in the Nether Real to Nick four days later alive and healthy.
I mean, call me highly suspicious, but wouldn’t Acheron have been the least bit aware of what’s going on? The guy is supposed to be ALL POWERFUL AND ALL SEEING! He couldn’t even make out a demon possessing a nurse to drug a teenage boy to lure him back to the Nether? And after all the shit went down in the Nether and Nick returns and we MISS four days of his life, it’s just business as usual.. It really felt like I was missing a chunk of the story and I even had to glance down at the page numbers to see if they were still counting upwards correctly.

The ending happened way to fast, and was a bit muddled. Things were brushed over, almost like Kenyon was in a hurry to finish it. More detail and explanation would have been great, even if the story did end at 468 pages.

The suspenseful ending: Nice touch! Talk about getting a girl eager for the next instalment. How’s Nick gonna react? Will he believe death? Will he confront her? Ooooh, it’s doing my head in thinking about it!


Nick Gautier:
In the Dark Hunter series Nick was one of my favourite characters - until he went over to the Dark Side that is - and it’s easy to see how Nick in his own series is just like Pre-Dark-Side Nick from the DH series.
Fifteen years old, he has all the normal worries of a teenage boy, trying to please his girlfriend, stay on his mom’s good side, and get through high school without being clobbered to death by the bullies.
His utter devotion to his mother had me going “awww” throughout the series. That boy would do anything to keep his mama happy, even if it meant ending up in the hospital with a bashed in face (yes, it totally happened and it was ALL her fault! Sorry Cherice, but you told the boy not to fight and as a result he let some little snot beat him to within an inch of his life with a plank of wood!)
I liked that the Lord of Sarcasm also had a mature side where he rationally and calmly explained his side of things to his mother - who was so stubborn about her opinions it would take nothing less than a severe concussion followed by an extreme case of amnesia to sway her in her opinions and beliefs.

And that brings us to Cherice:

Mixed feelings. I understood her need to be stern with Nick, but she did tend to overreact, and despite her insistence that Nick was a good boy, anytime something went wrong and Nick was a suspect, she immediately thought the worst of him and was quick to punish him for things he hadn’t actually done.
The glimpse into the past that showed us how close she was to taking the easy way out endeared her to me, simply because most fourteen year old girls would have jumped at the opportunity to relieve themselves of an 18year burden and Cherice showed she had the backbone to take a horrible situation and make the most of it, even if it meant giving up a certain lifestyle.

Nekoda and Caleb:
Kody and Caleb were great throughout the book, especially Caleb and his unfailing loyalty to Nick. I mean, I know he supposedly has ulterior motives and no choice but to watch Nick’s back, but I believe Caleb has come to like Nick more than he should and would gladly - okay well not quite gladly, more like grumbling and moaning about what an idiot Nick is - follow him to battle. I love how Caleb becomes all badass demon and slaughters everything trying to get at Nick, but also knows when to step back and let Nick learn for himself.
Kody’s a bit of an enigma. I like her, but I don’t. And her situation isn’t quite black and white, nor is it clear. I know the basics of what she’s doing in Nick’s life, but I’m yet to find a clear definition of who and what she is, and who or what she’s working for. Her reluctance to answer any of Nick’s questions also grates on my last nerve - whenever he gets close to finding something out and she shuts down I’m like, “Nooo! I just wanna know!!”

The Dark Hunters:
All I can say is, IT IS SO UNFAIR THAT THEY ONLY APPEARED FOR LIKE, TEN SECONDS! When I saw Ash’s name, I was like *hyperventilate, SQUEEE, hyperventilate* Him and Kyrian definitely needed more spotlight time. Oooh, but Ash and Kyrian being all badass when Adarian was in Nick’s hospital room was O for OOORSUUM!!!


My favourite line out of the entire book had to come from Bane. “Yes. The baddest ass in all the universe is attacking us with big giant bugs. Help me, I’m being clobbered by a flea. Quick, Malphas, fetch the Raid.”

LOL moment, right there!
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