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The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
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Sep 19, 2012

really liked it
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So in rereading this series I am discovering things that I had forgotten about the DT. First and foremost is that I liked The Gunslinger, but I didn't LOVE it. The second is that Roland was an asshole. But what this book reminded me was why I became a DT devotee in the first place: I frickin' love Eddie.

I am not nor have I ever been a heroin addict, but I find Eddie more relateable than any of the other characters in the series. He is almost certainly my favorite character in the DT and he's that way from the moment he came on my page. I love that he's layered and flawed and doesn't take himself so seriously. And how he reacts to Roland being in his head is COMPLETELY real. He thinks he's higher than he thought he was, he thinks he's having a breakdown because of stress, he thinks he's nodding out. It's exactly what I would do if I were in that situation.

In my opinion, its the interactions between Roland, Jake and Eddie that make the series. Roland on his own is completely unlovable, but when you have Jake stretching his heart and Eddie making him think around corners, he becomes more human. Roland might be the driving force of the series, but Eddie is the humanity of it.

Also, the pacing of the DT starts to pick up in this book. I found The Gunslinger a little slow. This one has more action and more consistent pacing. Not that the series maintains it, but this book does particularly well. And this is the book that really drags you kicking and screaming into the world of the Dark Tower.
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