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Dark of the Moon by P.C. Hodgell
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Aug 30, 2011

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bookshelves: read-in-2011, scifi-fantasy
Read from August 30 to December 18, 2011

Genre: High Fantasy

I found this a rather slow to read. I think it was because the book switched point-of-view characters between Jame and her 10-years-older twin brother Tori, Highlord of the Kencyrath every chapter. I just wasn’t that interested in Tori, despite finding Jame’s chapters fascinating.

I’m not sure why I found Tori’s chapters slow to read… part of it may be that he’s a bit “oh woe is me, my life has been so unfair” which is true but tedious. Part of it may be that Tori doesn’t change or grow – he’s prejudiced from start to finish no matter the facts… this is understandable given his upbringing but again, no fun to read. Finally it may be that he never really acts, he just reacts to the machinations of the other Highborn and the machinations of Gerridon (and the “dark side”). Jame may bungle things, but she acts. The affects of her actions are not always what she wants (in fact, usually accidental destruction), but her intentions are honorable, even if she considers her knee-jerk reactions suspect.

Anyway, this book picks up where God Stalker left off; Jame leaves Tai-Tastigon, and from there the entire story is traveling; Jame to reach Tori (to give him their father’s sword and ring) and Tori to reach the battlefield to stop the Horde in time. During this journey we learn a whole lot more about the history of the Kencyrath – which becomes rather personal for Jame… We learn about Gerridon Highlord who 3,000 years ago tempted his sister Jamethiel Dream Weaver into the great betrayal that was “The Fall of the Kencyrath”. We also learn more about the Kencyrath’s migrations between worlds, and particularly about hurried emigration to the world of Rathillien following The Fall. Plus we get bits and pieces of Jame’s missing memories.

Despite my complaints the climax was very satisfying and there are plenty of loose ends to look forward to into the next book.
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