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The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman
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Aug 30, 2011

it was amazing

Ah, Suze Orman. I have found her. No longer am I idly reading her column in O magazine, only because I am intrigued by her statement jewellery. Oh no. I have officially read one of her books, The 9 Steps, and I have been converted.

In fact, I’ve read it more than once. I took it on vacation, and despite being on a plane or train, I couldn’t stop reading it. And re-reading it. The stigma of reading a personal finance book in a public place didn’t bother me, I loved the book so much. I have plans to return home and resurrect VISA statements from 2 years ago, as she recommends, in order to more accurately assess my financial situation. I am keen to look at money market funds, and mostly, I am looking forward to planning my giving, rather than making donations sporadically, when I read something that makes me cry. I’m even thinking about reading some of her other books.

At first, I was skeptical. “What is the spiritual side of money? Am I really going to get that from some book?“ I’d heard lots about Suze not being a conventional financial advisor—I recently heard a radio interview where she described the key to life as being “when you can be as happy in your sadness as you are in your happiness”. Hm. But then some of her advice, what I’d gleaned of it, was refreshing: “People first, then money.” She’s right.

Turns out, the book was full of advice like that—and all of it frank, original, and empowering. I loved this, in one of the earlier chapters:

Reality check: throw away a three-dollar magazine you never got around to reading—easy… Buy a sweater on sale for twenty dollars, then notice six months later that you wore it only once; it just didn’t fit right; you give it away. Now try to rip up and throw away a dollar bill. I have found almost no one who could do this without great discomfort. Yet everything about the way the money establishment functions is calculated to distance us from our money, to anesthetize us to its power.”

The 9 steps are lumped into three rough groups—facing your fears/ looking at your money past, the laws of managing money, and then the last section is about wealth, more broadly. Each section has specific chapters and steps, and each step will contain a number of different exercises. Even for Canadians, these are valuable. Visit your library and check this book out!

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