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Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan
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Sep 03, 2011

really liked it

Well, that was...intense. Seriously, the last 60 pages of the book are breathless, world class fantasy. The rest is...

...well to be frank, the rest is not actually that bad. The biggest sin committed by this book is that Mat's storyline is downright dull until its very last pages. C'mon guys, Mat is supposed to be the fun one! Other than that though, the story moves along pretty well. We get lots of Rand, and his story continues to be the most compelling by far; Elayne's political wrangling is entertaining enough, and I actually quite liked the section with the Sea Folk following Cadsuane around Far Madding. (An aside, I do not understand the WOT-o-sphere's rabid hatred of Cadsuane...)

Ultimately, yeah, I wish the rest of the book (hell, the rest of the series) had the same pacing as the finale, but this was a perfectly competent continuation of the series. And this book has the most bizarre sex scene I have ever read, period. That's worth 4 stars all by itself.
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message 1: by L Reynolds (new)

L Reynolds definitely requires his own series, helping his wife take back her empire - now that would be worth reading...

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