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Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone
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I did some unthinkable things.
First of all, I never read Sinful up till now.

I know! Evil me!

But then I did something more wicked.
I hated it.
Yes, I confess!
I hated Sinful!
Well,find out at your own peril:

(view spoiler)

My conclusion? CF is famous for her tragic mussing and I love her for it. But not here. Here, she just took a perfectly normal beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and social differences story and made it snowball in to a hard tragedy. And for what?
Beets me.
Even her dialogues after the big (view spoiler) revelation felt forced. So I can not even rate it high on her naturally good writing.
And you know what? This makes me sad.
I hope she does not continue in this direction.
After Addicted and Sinful I am staring to fret that she is going to use the 'love hurts' road in her other books.
(I liked Addicted,thou! Very good book!)
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Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] :( 1 star? Matthew deserves a 5 star. Now I'm going to cry because I love him. *sniffs*

Dinjolina Oh, but babe, I liked him. I hated what the author did ti them. And mostly him.I just could not stand it!

message 3: by Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] (last edited Sep 01, 2011 12:52PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] Ok *sniffs* I get it, I hated it too that he had to go through such trauma in his life. You know there is a line he says and I added it in the quotes section, that why can't he have a little peace. Oh, it broke my heart. :( Still, he doesn't deserve a moron hero shelf or hero you wanted dead. :( But, if that's how you felt, what can I say.

Dinjolina I want to shake you now and make you see! :D
It was not about him.
It was all about the author.
When she made him really marry the eeeeevil ow I was somehow still on board but it already clashed with his character. The character I knew up till that point would have gone after Sarah and fought tooth and nail to make it all right.
But...then he started going 'Oh, when I have an heir everyhting will be fine and we will all live in la-la land' .
No. Just...no.
This hero?
He would not have sex with her.
Not after Miranda. And certainly not after Sara that was not loved enough, and hurt by a mother that was like his wife.
And it made no sense in general because his father needed the money, nothing else.
He would have been in need of an heir only when his father died. And when he died, this whole mar ridge thing had no point because he could have divorced her on the grounds that she was not a virgin and had lovers.
See? Seee!? :D
The author MADE him like...brain dead for big chunks of time and I felt like this alien is talking in his mind.

Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...] Oh well, good for you that you understood. I saw vulnerability and a need to save his daughter, thought he acted out of instinct. Anyway, I may have seen things differently than you and it's very normal. I've also read books that got 5 stars commonly but after reading it, I had no idea why people gave it 5 stars since I found nothing extraordinary. Doesn't matter. :)

Dinjolina Thnx. But it was kind of a rant...people en masse liked it. So eh..maybe you would to. I had a problem with the hero not only sleaping with the heron but also in love with her when he married the evil ow. Ok, i could have been ok with this if the reasons that made him marry her were legit. To em they were not. Also, he divorced her pronto after she gave birth to his kid. Again, a veeeery big wtf happened moment for me there.
I am a big fan of this author but I could not shake of the feeling that the whole middle of the novel was an alien implant :)

message 7: by Roksana (new)

Roksana I totally understand where you are coming from...the author really makes the redear totaly cheated when all throughout the entire book you get youself emotionally invested to the characters and just like that it all fell apart... the graphic scene in the end with his wife left me a bad tast in my mouth and I felt emotionally abused by the author.. it has damaged my trust in this author so no more books by her!

Emma Whoever does not find the reason Matthew had to marry that b**ch (which he did not divorce immediately after she gave birth to a son, as one of you remarked here, he just left her -he divorced her after his father's death when he, at last, became the new duke and had the power to save his daughter) compelling enough, should ask herself what WOULD BE a reason compelling enough for sacrificing personal happiness? Saving your child from a lunatic asylum (and a 19th c. lunatic asylum for that matter, where she would have been raped, chained and left to live naked in her own faeces) is not strong enough reason? Strong enough to sacrifice your own plans and desires ? I'm happy that most of us are (so far) lucky enough not to have to face such dilemmas, but that should not stop us from the ability to imagine what it would be like to come face to face with such terrible situations (and stories like 'Sinful' spur the imagination in that direction).
Am I correct to think that some of you here, had you been Matthew, you'd have chosen to marry Jane and let your daughter go to a lunatic asylum where you'd never find her (or if and when you did, it would have been too late for her)? And I'm not talking about 21st c. psychiatric treatments. Also you seem not to be aware of the enormous power the paterfamilias had over all his children, including his heir. Matthew would have had no power against his father so the 'alternatives' you imagine he may have had are all completely abstract and empty projections without any basis,reality or concrete possibility, in the world the story is set.

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