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Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning
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Sep 01, 11

really liked it
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Read from August 29 to 31, 2011

Ok ok… I'm starting to get it. This second installment was Much better than the first. It has lots of action and with all the mayhem it gets pretty hard to put down. The mystery, though, is still there picking away at my brain cells. We got no real answers in this one, especially from Barrons. Only more questions. Which ended up being ok because the book is fully loaded and it couldn't possibly all fit in here. Plus the anticipation is kind of fun.

Mac is becoming more independent and grown up which is great. I think she kind of has to with this new world she's been thrown in. I like how she herself knows there are "two" Macs and she refers to them both. She acknowledges that her Barbie doll side does not mix well with the Unseelie and especially not Barrons. And talking about the devil… what can I say Barrons? I love you! You are probably the most antagonizing son of a bitch I have ever encountered. There are so many questions about this guy that it's almost a torture. Damn you Karen!

There are also new characters added to the storyline - but who cares about them? Moving on..

Like any other UF novel, there are a few twists, and most of them just add to the questions already in the air. I didn't see them coming either. Although who/what the spectre was did cross my mind, but even the small stuff all went over my head. It may just be because I was too busy inside the story to ponder anything. But I never figured out what was eating the Rhino-boys, or Mallucé's power source. Even though we aren't given answers to any of the big mysteries, we do find out little snippets. Just enough to keep us fed and craving for more.

I did enjoy the plot quite a bit. I like lots of action, I like mystery and I love a well built world; believe me, this novel delivers. The world building was formed in the first book, but it's deepened and I enjoy the vivid descriptions of everything. It's all very nerve wracking. There is quite a bit of gore but there is also humor thrown in there to balance it out a bit. I especially liked when the Shade flipped Mac off. >.< So all in all the writing is pretty good, I would even say improved from book #1. I think the constant and sometimes weird metaphors could be cut out. But that and maybe a few little quirks here and there can be overlooked if you even notice at all.
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Emily May Woohoo! I'm so happy you enjoyed this :)

Giselle Yes me too! I'm pretty sure I'll really enjoy the rest of the series. If this mystery book 4 doesn't put me off it.

Emily May No! I love book 4 for many reasons but there's a HUGE cliffhanger at the end so make sure you have Shadowfever ready :)

Giselle Yep I have it already. I don't mind cliffhangers that way :)

Tatiana Book 4 mostly got people crazy in love with Barrons, so don't worry;)

Limonessa Giselle wrote: "Yep I have it already. I don't mind cliffhangers that way :)"

THAT cliffhanger Giselle got me tearing my hair out for a week. It NEVER happens to me like that. These books are not perfect (I didn't particularly like the 1st book) but they get progressively addictive as you go on and it's just unbelievable.
Great review, enjoy the rest!

Giselle Oh now I'm really curious!! And yes they're very addictive already I've started book 3 and I wish I could read all day (don't we all?).

message 8: by AH (new) - rated it 5 stars

AH Great review - yes - this series must be read all at once - in one sitting if real life did not get in the way.

Giselle AH wrote: "Great review - yes - this series must be read all at once - in one sitting if real life did not get in the way."

Haha I wish! I almost didn't watch Big Brother tonight to keep reading. :-O

♥Rachel♥ Still so many questions, but I'm able to get to the next one right away, so it's not too much of an issue right now. I love Barrons! Great review Giselle. :)

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