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Pornografia by Witold Gombrowicz
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Aug 29, 2011

it was amazing

"I learned fro Madame Ewa the Pietak frequently comes here, therefore I dropped in, since I have four rabbit pelts and the sole of a shoe.' And, to show that these were not empty words, he displayed the pelts, which had been wrapped in paper."

"Three o'clock in the afternoon. Foggy. A hag's torso splitting Fryderyk in half, a child's leg riding onto his chin...and so he traveled...but he traveled, as always, correctly and with perfect manners."

"The train stopped again, somewhere behind me the shuffling of feet, the crowd reeling, something must be happening--and he just was and was! We begin moving, it's night outside, the locomotive flares out sparks, the compartments' journey becomes nocturnal--why on earth have I brought his with me? Why have I burdened myself with his company, which, instead of unburdening me, burdened me?"

"I climb up, Fryderyk after me, we ride, a sandy road by the light of a dark sky, the blackness of a tree or of a bush floats in from the sides, we drive into the village of Brzustowa, the boards glow with whitewash, a dog is front of me the coachman's back...mysterious...and next to me this man who is silently, affably accompanying me."

"He seemed to be generally bursting with edema, which made everything in him expand enormously and grow in all directions, the awful blubber of his body was like a volcano disgorging knee boots, he stretched out his apocalyptic paws, and his eyes peeped from his body as if through a porthole."

"besmeared with the thick sauce of sleep"

"and we ascended a hill, the expanse of the land appeared gradually, spreading low at its very bottom, below the tremendous heights of the sky, and it became solidified in immobile undulation."

"We were somewhere in the cosmos, suspended with our candles and our glitter, and somewhere in that vastness we were performing these strange things with ourselves and among ourselves, like a monkey making faces in a vacuum."

"He was second-rate because young. Inferior because young. Sensuous because young. Carnal because young. Destructive because young. And in this youth if his--contemptible."

"That's what it looked like to me when they were eating their noodles. They ate those noodles like a couple who have known each other from childhood, who are used to each other, perhaps even bored with each other."

"Objects, clock, wardrobe, shelf, seemed to live their own life--in this silence and warmth, their precocious carnality was also growing stronger, swollen with instinct and the night's business, creating its own atmosphere of excitement, a closed circle."

"I was fed up with agony."

"Without a doubt--a tall and elegant gentleman! Endowed with a fairly prominent yet delicate nose with lively nostrils, an olive gaze and a deep voice--"

"The hag was busy washing laundry in the pond, and when she saw us she stood up facing us and fixed her ogling eyes on us--a hag well into her years, a dumpy and bosomy slattern, rather disgusting, greasily rancid and filthy-oldish, with tiny eyes. She watched us, a wooden paddle in her hand."

"What did it mean? First of all on thing hit me in the eye:"

"I was going to ask: Do you go to church? Instead I asked: 'Do you go whoring?'"

"We went out with them onto the terrace, from which, in lively slopes, the land slipped down into the smoothness of the watery ribbon, hardly visible and as if inanimate. This was not ugly"

"Before he expressed his opinion on such a delicate matter he cast his gaze right and left, as if checking up on the world."

"They stood back from her and left her alone so she could deal with her dying."

"I joined them in the hope of finding out what was squeaking in the grass."

"I crept through the thicket and...Wait a minute. Wait! A surprise! There was a bench."

"It was evening again--and with it the barely perceptible fading of light, the deepening and saturation of the darker hues, as well as the intensification of nooks and crannies that the night's sauce was filling."

"Enough of youth, merely meek and charming--this was about creating a different kind of youth, tragically permeated by us, the elders."

"I went outside, dogs surrounded me--no one about, only the house from which I had just emerged came into being in front of me and stood next to me, like an object."

"because above the material ebb and flow of facts, there hovered a mystic sphere of accents and meanings, like the sun's glare over a whirlpool."

"The house seemed harnessed to many horses, each one pulling in a different direction."

"He was not expressing some manner--he simply became it, like someone who changes with the lighting."

"Vaclav swallowed saliva as if he had been forced to eat something inedible."

"Encase in his large body he looked at us as if through a window, his eyes staring out."

"He made a funny gesture imitating cutting a throat--it would have been funny if the fun were not something so serious. He was having fun, in all seriousness. He sat down."

"Fuck it."
"Do you have any money?"
"I do."
"That's good. Be ready--a bit before midnight."
"Fuck it."
"This little expression won't help you much."
"Fuck it."
"Don't be so vulgar. We might lose interest."
"Fuck it."

"And, as if this weren't enough, this sick idea, wafting as if from a hospital, degenerate and running wild, and intellectual's disgusting idea, exploded like a flowering shrub with a choking aroma, yes, it was delightful! It delighted me!"


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