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Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy
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Oct 17, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2011

I bought this book at the same time that I bought Amy Lane's book The Locker Room, and decided that they would be too similar to read back-to-back. Now I'm a little bit sorry I waited so long to read this book because I truly enjoyed it. Simon Murray is an "arty wanker" that is in charge of the Triple F - an independent film festival. Dragged to a party by his best friends Roger and Fran, Simon meets Declan Tyler, a star football player, while defending him to some fickle fans. Declan has been out for injuries for most of the season and as fair weather fans tend to do, they blame the team's losses on Declan's inability to play. Intrigued by the first man in ages who is not falling all over his feet, Declan pursues Simon and asks him out.

I loved both Simon and Declan. Simon is extremely self-deprecating, gruff, and a little caustic in his relationships with others. Fran and Roger, who have known him for ages, seem to be the only ones that have witnessed his sensitive side. He is also a touch insecure which is to be expected when no one, not even your closest friends, find it believable that a gorgeous football player is chatting you up. Declan is said gorgeous footy player who has never developed the arrogant or entitled attitude some famous and rich people tend to. He is extremely down to earth and has two very close friends of his own, Abe (the team captain) and Abe's girl, Lisa. While Declan and Simon are quite opposite from each other, their relationship seems to work well and develop nicely even though Declan is safely tucked into his closet and Simon is out and proud.

The biggest point of frustration for me in this book is the stubbornness of almost every character. There are a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications, but no one seems to know how to swallow their pride and say sorry without turning a spat or a small bicker into a huge, drawn out fight. The first couple of times this happened I chalked it up to a book meeting its proscribed angst quota. But after this happened a half dozen more times, I was a little bit weary of it. There were more rejected calls, ignored texts, unreturned voicemails, and silent treatments in this book than in all the books I've read this year combined. Maybe ever.

Fran and Roger, as well as Abe and Lisa, play very large roles in this book. They are extremely loyal friends. At times, their over-protectiveness cause issues between Simon and Declan when they question whether or not it's fair for Simon to get shoved back in the closet to be with Declan. At the end of the day, however, it's clear that they only want what's best for their friends. The relationships between Simon and Declan and their friends are just as critical to this book as Simon and Declan's romance.

Two final notes:
1.) I barely noticed as I was reading the book, but the intimacy between Simon and Declan is never explicit. There are a few "fade to black" sexual moments, but the physical descriptions of any love-making are basically non-existent. The fact that this was not missed pays tribute to the fact that this book was engaging in other ways. Just a brief warning for those expecting mad, passionate love scenes.
2.) It actually took me quite a while, (okay, the whole book + some wikipedia listings) to figure out what Australian football is. I never pictured it as regular football because pads were never described and at some point Declan kicked a goal. So then I pictured it as soccer, with the European "football" nomenclature. But that was clearly wrong also because at another point the ball was "passed" via hands. So I finally gave in and did a quick search online to figure out what the heck I had been reading about for the last few hours. If you're not familiar with Australian rules football, do a quick Google before you read this book. It's very enlightening and will save some confusion while you read.

This book has made my favorites shelf and I strongly recommend it.
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Alex From the descriptions in the book, I figured it was something like rugby, but had to look it up on wiki too! Not knowing definitely didn't pull from the story though.

message 2: by L-D (new) - rated it 5 stars

L-D No it didn't distract because the book wasn't really about the sport itself. Really, it could've been any sport. But I definitely did some head scratching here and there until I took the time to look it up!

Alex M/M romance: Educational too!

message 4: by L-D (new) - rated it 5 stars

L-D Yup - that's why I read M/M....to, er, learn stuff ;)

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