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Secrets, Monsters, and Magic Mirrors by Donald B. Lemke
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Aug 31, 11

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Read from August 29 to 31, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I got this copy of Secrets, Monsters and Magic Mirrors: Stone Arch Fairy Tales Volume 2
through netgalley and I get to experience the fairy tale world again that was so important to me during my childhood days.
In this book includes re-tellings of 5 famous fairy tales in graphic-novel-style:

1. Rapunzel
2. Thumbelina
3. Snow White
4. Beauty and the Beast
5. The Princess and the Pea

So this Rapunzel is so much different than that Rapunzel in 'Tangled', and I find this version barely acceptable compared to the movie which I loved. The illustrations didn't captured my eyes as I thought it would, based on the cover of the book. Rapunzel is known for her long epic hair, but here it just looks like a lifeless red rope. And the story went so fast that at many places it doesn't make sense and the red line were broken. I've seen and read better re-tells than this one, and it left me disappointed. **

The artwork in this story are so corky and sweet and I really enjoyed it. I guess we all know about Thumbelina and her adventures and have seen the movie. It was entertaining and Gerta's relationship with Thumbelina were lovely. One thing i couldn't get my head around were how fast Thumbelina said yes to a marriage with the fairy prince. It was just seconds and woops we got a she-met-the-prince-for-the-first-time-and-got-married-immediately-moment, otherwise it was a funny read. ****

The illustrations of Snow White's story were very different from the other 2 fairy tales. The dwarfs looks like a bunch of bikers with their appearence and Snow white looks too muscle which ruined her image for me. And not to mention those red nails she had that put off some innocence from her. The huntsman turns out to be a wolf (sounds a little bit like the little red riding hood) but shockingly Snow White wasn't afraid of it (could it be that simple to calm it down??) and even fed it. It was just unreasonable and the re-telling didn't captured me in any sense. *

I really liked this version of the Beauty and the Beast and it was indeed a little different from the one we are used to from Disney. There wasn't any mention of a curse until late in the story. There is a special magic in the Beast's castle, a place where it's ruled by promises. If someone broke a promise that's been made to the Beast, the Beast will die. That's the little twist therefore there isn't any villain like Gaston. And he can only be brought back from life by someone who truly loves him. The characters look like something taken out from a computer game but it was
cute enough to make me continue to read until the end. ****

Firstly, we didn't get the whole story to how the princess ended up at the prince's castle, the only thing we knew was she was out riding one day, and she saw a strange bird. Poff it was a blank page and that was her story. (Weird. Could it be that page 155 were omitted? Because it was totally blank)I enjoyed this last story of the book and it was cutely re-told with some colorful artwork
that I really appreciated. And I liked how things ended with that litte mouse as a humorous act. *****

So overall rating: 2+4+1+4+5=16 16/5=3.2
It was a pleasant read with it's cons and pros, but it was not the best re-telling I've read.

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