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The Prisoner and The Fugitive by Marcel Proust
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Jul 29, 12

it was amazing
Read from December 23, 2011 to July 29, 2012

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12/23/2011 page 30
4.0% "If I weren't attracted to someone, and had no feelings for her at all, you know what I would not do? Move her into my house and obsess every moment about whether she's hooking up with women when she goes off on her own. Marcel, you are a freak."
12/28/2011 page 61
9.0% "Loved the passage about clothes, paintings, and people who take them for granted. Why is Charlus such a psycho and Marcel such a creep? I hope Albertine IS hooking up with women when she goes out. It would serve his controlling stalker self right."
12/29/2011 page 66
10.0% ""Carnal love for me was above all the joy of triumphing over so many competitors." God, Marcel. I hate you so much."
01/03/2012 page 99
14.0% ""He said he had met [Albertine] and she was looking 'not quite the thing.' What did he mean by that? I had thought he meant vulgar: indeed, I had immediately contradicted him by saying she looked distinguished. But no, perhaps he meant a lesbian look." *headdesk* Marcel, I can't even deal with you right now. Let's send the storyline back to the Verdurins or something."
01/07/2012 page 181
26.0% "Half of book one was about Swann, but when he dies Marcel only gives it a few sentences. Bergotte's death, on the other hand, gets pages and pages, paired with a gorgeous discussion on Vermeer. I suppose it's because true artists influence people even after their deaths? I'm glad Marcel has decided to dump Albertine after 80 straight pages of jealous obsessive whining. I (and they) can't take much more of this."
01/08/2012 page 211
30.0% "So now all the characters (except Albertine) are converging on the Verdurins' for a performance Charlus organized: Morel is going to perform Vinteuil's music for all the people at the top of society. I can't believe Oraine is actually going to the Verdurins'. And for some reason Charlus is swanning around in full makeup, mascara and blush and all. This is going to be an awesome trainwreck."
01/12/2012 page 211
30.0% "Three things: 1. Marcel is going to FREAK if Vinteuil's daughter is at this party. 2. Morel asks his fiancee to round up some hot chicks for him to sleep with, and when she says, "WTF NO!" he calls her a whore? How does that make sense? Charlus and Juipien are NOT going to like this turn of events. 3. How did the Charlus of book 2, masculine and severe and prudishly uptight, turn into this campy gay caricature?"
01/15/2012 page 275
40.0% "Charlus's music party at the Verdurins was a success, but he didn't introduce any of his high society friends to Mme V! Which was supposed to be the whole point! And now she is SO MAD and is going to break him up from Morel in revenge. And Marcel is so upset at the upcoming confrontation, because Charlus isn't going to know what hit him, that he's going to run home instead of warning him? Nice friend, there."
04/28/2012 page 302
44.0% "Charlus thinks Morel outed him, but really Mme Verdurin got vengeful and told Morel a bunch of mean lies. Also it wouldn't have mattered if Charlus had been outed because EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS. Then Charlus got pneumonia and turned kind? What? And What happened to Albertine? Did marcel dump her as planned? Quit skipping stuff, Marcel!"
04/29/2012 page 360
52.0% "A) Marcel dumping Albertine: "I want you gone before I wake up tomorrow. Never contact me again. Oh, but don't forget to loan me that book of your Aunt's: you can send it through the mail so I won't have to see you." He is the WORST. I hope she actually does leave after that. B) LOL at Brichot on Charlus: "He's so obsessed with gaydar, he could be a professor of it. But nobody would ever go to his lectures.""
04/29/2012 page 392
06/02/2012 page 484
70.0% "I loved Marcel getting Robert to bribe Albertine's aunt to send her back: "You know, if she's the kind of person who'd sell out her nice for 30,000, she'd do it for 3,000." "DON'T LOWBALL MY CREEPY BRIBE, ROB!" And his and Albertine's series of passive-aggressive post-breakup telegrams was awesome too. But then she died! She just escaped, and now she's dead! Agh! So upsetting!"
06/03/2012 page 522
75.0% "So now that Albertine is dead, Marcel has hired someone to investigate her life to confirm his lesbian suspicions once and for all. And he cornered Andree all, "So, I know you an Albertine had gay sex all the time. Would you have gay sex with another friend and let me watch? It'll help me find closure," and Andree was all, "WTF NO WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU," and Marcel thinks she's unreasonable. He is the worst."
06/03/2012 page 540
78.0% "GILBERTE IS AT ORAINE'S HOUSE. No WAY! I guess everyone's over the fact that Odette was a prostitute, then? Interesting development!"
06/04/2012 page 545
79.0% "Oraine called Gilberte and Odette Swann's "irregular connections." Sick burn. What a nasty snob. Love reading about her: she's heinous."
07/29/2012 page 643
93.0% "NO! Robert and Morel!?! NO WAY!"

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