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Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
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- Oh my god surprise I loved it so what else is new?

- Hey, K, how about not kissing this woman's ass?

- Oh hey, you. How about she, for once, write a bad novel?

- Oh hai, well she can't because she's brilliant plus she's kind of a genius.

- Oh well, there you go.

The conversation in my head as I decided I will skip DUN DUN DUN writing a review because seriously, I feel like I lose a little bit of my dignity every time I:
1) praise her
2) express my love for her
3) highlight all the strong points of her narrative
4) illustrate the reasons she is superior to every other YA novelist
5) repeat #1
6) repeat #2
7) repeat #3
8) Just kidding!!

I'm out, peeps. Don't let the celebration get too out of hand. I'll be back soon.

(1 hour later)

But just say I did write a review (that is a Marchetta reference, holler if you know of what I speak!!!). I would say, Finnikin of the Rock is a very AWESOME read. As well, it does a great job in addressing many very important issues that currently plague our own world, not just the kingdom of Lumatere. The characterizations are once again superb. I especially loved the joyful banter between Finnikin and Evanjelin. Twists and turns, oh my! The plot is tight and while not completely unpredictable, did have me grasping my hair out of surprise at certain points. It made me smile, made me frown, made me laugh, made the voice inside my head that does the voice over tremble during particularly emotional moments. But I'm not really writing a review, so...
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Melina Marchetta
“Because without our language, we have lost ourselves. Who are we without our words?”
Melina Marchetta, Finnikin of the Rock

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Megan Marchetta reviews make me sympathize (a little bit) with the fangirls cause I just want to write "ZOMG this is like so totally awesome! Bestest book evah!!!!" Really, what else is there to say??? :)

message 2: by K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K. Le sigh. Exactly. Every Marchetta review I write is the same, "It was great. It moved me. She's amazing. Everything else is shit. I loved it. Did I mention she's awesome?" I didn't want to have to put anyone through another one of those, haha!!

message 3: by Sarah (saz101) (new)

Sarah (saz101) Ahahaha! Your 'not review' is awesome :D

...err... will you hate me if I tell you I've read NOTHING by Marchetta since high school? basically, I've only read Alibrandi? One of my best friends is a rabid MM fangirl, so I plan on rectifying this soon... or she won't allow me to keep on living :P

message 4: by K. (new) - rated it 5 stars

K. Hello again. That's alright. I never even heard of Marchetta until I graduated university -- shock horror. But you must read Jellicoe Road. It should be in your bucket list.

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