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The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Aug 06, 2014

really liked it
Read in August, 2011

john carter is by far the most loathsome arrogant predictable hero I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE

like i dont know why people are whining OH DISNEY IS GOING TO RUIN IT because these books are fucking HAM HANDED PERFECT DISNEY MATERIAL

like the book spends TWO CHAPTERS with a character who is OBVIOUSLY john carters son, he talks like him, he fights like him, he JUMPS WAYYYY HIGH like him etc etc, but carter is too busy talking about "if i knew what fear is like im sure i would be feeling it now' and how heroic he is, and how everyone on mars loves him, and his stupid princess, and his perfect plans that ALWAYS GO PERFECTLY

it made a HUGE difference that me and ma'am read this book aloud to eachother in bed, funny voices and all because otherwise it would just be IMPOSSIBLE to deal with

i give it two stars only becuase of the gore and ma'ams funny voices

i could deal with the first book, but since john carters son CARTHORIS is just a fucking CARBON COPY of john carters character it made the book TWICE AS BAD

i hope the family line ends with him, i cant deal with any more john carters
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Shaun Based on your writing style, it would appear that this book was probably too far over your current grade level. Maybe some Nancy Drew would be more your speed.

poopdoggy ballsdotcom nice grammar essentialism, how is this comment constructive at all

message 3: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel LOL @ your review. I have really started to get the impression that the Barsoom series is like Marmite and the mullet - you either DIE HARD LOVE IT, or can't get over all the conveniences and assumed reader stupidity no matter HOW you try.
Re the funny voices - nice tip!! My BF regards me as the master of funny voices, so maybe I'll give him a two hour concert starring me as John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Tars Tarkas, etc etc etc
I have no idea how this book is above anyone's grade level - it's just Jean-Claude before tv.

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